Shanghai dragon er must know how to keywords ranking

reason is a lot of old station K down, it gives us a new opportunity, if not the August 22nd K station we want to rely on the strength of the competition website how could people do. If we are in disorderly fashion keywords go up, the day of our keywords in disorderly fashion down, you also don’t why? Because that is the way you go.

in fact, I know this is not the strength lies, only grasp an opportunity. This opportunity is the love of August 22nd in Shanghai K station, K station in this process is to bear the brunt of the Taobao customer sites. Weight loss drug list is undoubtedly the most typical Taobao guest website, K is a large number of you can not imagine that the old station before Shanghai love home page ranking for years are K, the home page is simply a big shake. According to the author’s observation, the original in the word list love Shanghai home leaving a weight-loss drug, and the abnormal situation is actually in love is in Shanghai home page of some large web portal. In Shanghai love home and had only 4 top websites, this let I judge the word quickly into artificial word love Shanghai.

some people may see this title to joke, key is how to go up, why not? With my strong technical Shanghai Longfeng coupled with hard work, keyword ranking will naturally go up. If that’s the case, then I have nothing to say, but in some special cases, lead to form some wrong, this is very dangerous. Recently I met such a thing, that it is not a trivial matter, it is necessary to share with you, believe it or to help the webmaster. Recently a weight loss drug list the word author, made less than two months was actually a index of twenty thousand words do love Shanghai home.

at the same time the author also observed another word, that is the word also is in love with rack, the great sea K. It can be used to describe the home big shake, love Shanghai home only one official website, the rest is also full of some large website pages. Other sites have been placed on the second page, the author also judged it may also become one word work, or may not be present this special situation. The algorithm is not likely to form this situation. The word back to the weight loss drug list, the more familiar with and understand the word. A friend told me Links exchange, we chat a word, he said he did not think he is more than two months of the weight loss drug list so popular word do love Shanghai page second, he said it was not their own technology to promote. I heard that a cool mind, this is obviously in the correct situation misjudgment, we just boarded the K station. We put these back of the station to go up, or how we may be a two month old new sites with those who do stand a few years than? No matter what the data are better than, but we actually came up, it does not accord with the sense of things we must correct judge.