Promotion is not so easy to each platform has its temper

"small but not full, but not the whole, fine and not specifically" must have a lot of stationmaster are the existence of such circumstances, we have just started to do network promotion in the pursuit of learning methods and strategies, often go to every kind of promotion means A5 or Shanghai dragon why forum, basically are in the pursuit of and try a variety of methods, but when we approach to the basic operation of the entire Internet are familiar with, and that is a problem which method itself is not very good, so here we kinwell personally feel that there is no need to try a variety of means, we only need to know about yourself in many ways, at the same time choice a suitable method, regardless of the method all is simple, you make it to be the best, then you will be successful.


forum to promote everyone a lot of people disdain for having heard it many times, but really do good is not much, the effect is not as much as the forum to promote the soft or hard advertising can be said. We still remember.

is to achieve the ultimate is not so simple, because each platform has its temper, but whether the platform it requires you to focus seriously, said the focus here refers to the hands of the living in our work, to try to make it perfect, here let me not not to mention a few people, first of all know, evergreen, in his blog that one section is that, at first he for Shanghai dragon this one do not know, at that time the company asked him to do is to send the chain, he did not understand the other more promotion way, and the only thing is thinking about how to let the chain of multi site again, so he crazy to try and modify, finally achieved unbelievable success. Also another is Lu Songsong, did not understand his friends can take a look at his long-term focus on the blog promotion, and crazy to each big blog for effective real comment, not do those passing, read, thank you visit like "reply, because the only body force and related work, just half a year time a success in the more than 15000 blog left their footprints, so far does not continue short visit and develop. Of course, the achievements of his present success. It also confirms the success of a rule: as long as you have enough, enough, enough attention to specific to

, a forum to promote

also share several common methods to achieve the ultimate promotion method, hope to have implications for all

"not so simple" there is a word called "love is not so easy, everyone has his temper, I as a grassroots webmaster, Jianwei would like to say a word is" not so easy, each platform has its temper, the promotion platform on the Internet more and more, but no matter what kind of platform, as long as to find a suitable platform, innovative marketing, and make it to be the best, we will be able to in the network marketing talent shows itself in the army, this also reminds me of the evergreen Mou to say: any kind of network promotion is a kind of method to achieve the ultimate good method.