Site optimization concept classification and the main method of station optimization

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website optimization should not only consider the search engine optimization, but also thinking about how to meet potential clients’ needs, the response speed of site navigation clarity, online help are included, improve the quality of the experience of the website and so on, obtain more let users an unforgettable good impression, the overall quality of the website has also been improved, and this is called generalized site optimization, the characteristics of website optimization and implementation method of

now has been basically equivalent to the website optimization Shanghai dragon, is also the search engine optimization, is in accordance with the preference law search engine for website optimization, so as to make the site more easily to be included, more easily ranking optimization method before, search engine optimization, which can improve the visibility of the site, the site to bring more traffic and customer.

Optimization of

website optimization covers all the process of building sites, also includes the maintenance of the site later, from the literal meaning, the meaning is to make the optimization of website promotion effect, from the ultimate goal, the effect of the web site is nothing more than the two aspects, one is more likely to be found, is to be able to give customers a better the impression that the user experience is better.

site is usually can be divided into optimization and the station outside the two part, the station optimization includes the optimization of customer experience Optimization and search engine of the two part, the two part has very practical significance, really want to on the website first, search engine can be improved to search secondly, the opportunity, to enhance the quality of the user experience and increase in the views on the basis of more visitors to prospective customers or clients, the web site of the economic benefit is very obvious.

is an important mission to improve the ranking website optimization

are related to each other, are the focus of the user’s use of the site and the site of feeling, feeling is divided into several aspects. They include sensory experience, emotional experience and browsing experience three aspects, the station part of the site optimization, is carried out in the three aspects of the promotion, the promotion direction is the sensory experience of auditory and visual comfort, and enhance the direction of interactive experience is the possibility in application and easy to use hand. Browsing experience promotion mainly refers to the page design attractive degree.