Foreign trade website optimization problems

how can improve the foreign trade website optimization? The author thinks that the need to pay close attention to the following aspects of the problem, at the same time to focus on optimizing the mode of natural style, remember to engage in cheating, after all, the intelligent level of Google more than love Shanghai, and now Shanghai is in love optimization, want to engage in cheating is very difficult, so make cheating on Google optimization, it is equal in death.

but even some foreign websites began to export to domestic sales, the current size of the same trade website is not low, the foreign trade website formed a very fierce competition, and this competition will continue and foreign websites, so the foreign trade website competition intensity should be far more than the domestic website. And because foreign trade website relates to the optimization methods and methods and domestic sites have significantly different, after all, Google and love Shanghai in some algorithms, there is still a certain gap, if love Shanghai optimize the way directly into Google, you will certainly fail.

is the first to engage in foreign trade website as a webmaster should know some foreign companies want to foreign sales through the Internet through domestic customized enterprise, is actually to understand foreign enterprises demand, if their website can be displayed in these requirements, it is essential to select appropriate search engines, from the current foreign search engine Market share of course, Google is not the first, at the same time, YAHOO also will be very important, but if you want to enter the Japanese market, then you should choose the Japanese market share of the largest search engine optimization.

these foreigners are not better than the day, so a few years ago very popular foreign websites are starting to become bland, even some foreign websites and many foreign trade companies, export to domestic sales, the foreign trade website to start localization services, of course, this is not because of the current situation, the foreign trade website is very is not difficult to do, because the domestic sales will be very good, all of this is the relationship between supply and demand decisions, when foreign economic downturn, many foreign websites in order to avoid fierce competition, not only to transition. This process is passive, rather than active choice.

third should pay attention to the design style of the website, different countries have different aesthetic taste, although domestic websites in recent years has started to integrate into the European and American minimalist aesthetic style, but the aesthetic style of the potential is still on the Internet gaudy occupies a space for one person, in the design of foreign trade website is to avoid the contrast.

second to eliminate communication barriers of language, because different countries have different language systems, generally want to focus on the development of foreign trade website which country should choose the corresponding national language version of the website, left on the site of the contacts to be able to communicate in the local language, of course, generally as long as do foreign trade website the stationmaster is the most basic content, believe that the general webmaster wouldn’t have made such a stupid mistake.