He Tao To summarize the recent Shanghai love big adjustment

you should feel, in accordance with the original search results for the love of Shanghai to find relevant results of 3960000 should be at the top of the search box, now love Shanghai has put him down. And this is the case in the last year we have a lot of friends feel the existence of this phenomenon, but this has completely changed. About why love Shanghai will use the search box down also has many different kinds of interpretation and argument, in He Tao’s view this does not explain what, we just do optimization of a friend will look more trouble, but also pull down can see this data. We look at the second on the website brand is the same we first see the pictures.

we compare three different search results above, we first look at the first in the search results which we have seen with three points in front of and behind the title, plus three points. We look at the second Ningbo Network Alliance Network screenshot only add three points in front of the title, finally let us look at Wu Jun’s Shanghai dragon blog this is what we often see behind the omitting of. Here we left a think you think we’re in the title is too long or not a title which appear in the case of Shanghai, love will still give a relatively high weight of

love the search box to search a word, we should see more.

two most of the search results with the usual results of what is different? In front of their website will have a logo. In fact, we can use this label as a search engine slowly began to understand the network brand concept deeply, then we change an angle is in search of brand while also taking into account the user experience. Take us to buy books online, you may be the first visit dangdang贵族宝贝, but on the network when you search the dangdang贵族宝贝 and will appear a lot of results. Some may have very similar sites, if not a symbol of authority, to make money trading on the Internet, is indeed a potential hazard. Through the two examples above seem to love Shanghai search engine really slowly change, should say is evolving. Next we see some of our search engine optimization may be used to small change.

we look at special case related to love Shanghai search next as I give you the

recently engaged in website optimization, in fact, about love Shanghai search engine recent adjustment would have wanted to write, today finally have time to explain. Words not to say, say: the first search results related to love Shanghai adjust the search box.


We take note of the

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