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from the perspective of SE, trans weights are not reduced, but the quality is more and more important. Now is not the infinite trans shop can do the ranking in the 1990s, more SE pay more attention to the user experience, we can see the love from Shanghai revision user experience importance. Therefore, the high purity of the link is SE love, and love of Shanghai only blog to grab more stringent, rather than reduce weight.

can be seen from the graph, Han Han’s blog PR7 snapshot is yesterday, but the ordinary blog? Is also Sina, but PR0, the snapshot is 27 days ago, why so big gap? How can a blog to have so high weight (due to another? A blog is a company, so there is no way to open

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to copy and paste to the blog, and then add a few anchor links, can be updated daily one or two article. Many people have overlooked, in fact, blog also has weight. The visiting rate, the level of the blog, friends are the embodiment of the weights of the blog. Personally, if the blog is done, and the weight of station be roughly the same. For example, we all know that Han Han, Xu blog, their basic blog is the second, the snapshot is very new. We compare to a common difference between

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although we can’t see exactly blog creation time, but we can see about the creation time from the first article, we can see Han Han’s blog was founded in 06.


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personally feel that the blog is not the right to be reduced, but the more standard. From the point of view of these blogs platform, a large number of webmaster to blog platform to do the chain, this caused a spam blog too much, the readability is too poor, this had caused the blog platform thinking. You can imagine, if our website is others do spam links, we will not love. From the perspective of the platform, the blog platform more and more standardized webmasters use blogs to promotion and marketing, not banned.

you know, what are the factors affecting the site weight. We have to compare the two blog creation time

blog, has been plagued everyone, from the beginning of last a period of time the blog short time shielding love Shanghai, blog now has been difficult to do. Many people feel that the weight of the blog is reduced, think blog not bonus. However, the blog will not do? I can tell you where the blog can do, but to understand the method of.


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