Example the new snapshot of how to deal with the abnormal

is the closest to November 18th, and included not posted content. In fact, every day in the update, but it is scanty included.

The chain

, such information is not appropriate, so we choose other categories. Such as mobile phone on this topic in our lives, or mobile phone shell beauty ah, which transforms the mobile phone to expert Niu X; or, for the popular mobile phone ringtone mobile phone wallpaper collection, on a mobile phone movie review, written literature, sensational point. Again or, in some poor areas with no mobile phone computer digital product life, in contrast the present status of everyone in the mobile phone. I find some of the more popular but not.

want to help the center of distribution methods and these included content pages, are their own finishing so soon was collected, but the content of every release has not been included, the original estimate is not enough.

pseudo original enough

solution, the content of "novel" innovation route



a new snapshot recently on the hand is not normal, included in the page is scanty. The beginning has been not to care, but also was a lot of things, things are almost the same, the snapshot in a complete mess and the chain is scanty. So I quickly find the reasons and corresponding solutions. I hope to see my friends here to avoid when doing the station.

second, the content is not "unique"


just started the station when the mobile phone and digital products are utterly ignorant of apple. So many of them are from 91 and 91 for the Internet, online publishing content is information, and a digital website is all over the same content, so that even the pseudo original degree enough, but the content is when you say, also do not lead to the spider look.

I think there are three major reasons for

The content of

site only thirty, pitiful ah, this to a certain extent also influence snapshot update. So, after finding the reason, to sort out the corresponding solution. Since it is a problem that content from the content to the.

digital website are generally popular information, processing the content, for a new station is not a good choice, even if your original information but if there are large web sites, the same is considered your copy, why, because they have high weight, PR PR should have included a new station included, you have what qualifications. So from this point, the search engine is still fucking cheating.

site outside the chain too little

First, the