Zhou Wen the process of optimization is to make websites and search engines love

this is what the problem, first lady in the choice of a man, I think the most important conditions should be stable and safe, you can’t disappear from time to time to see for a while, and MLM companies engage in, and soon taken away by Public Security Bureau, it is not safe, how is not stable, so sure the impression is not good, the number of directly pass off. Love Shanghai every day to send the spider crawling on the Internet, when we climb to the site, often go (also our website not open), often toxic, it will have a bad impression to the search engine, if the number of times more, lasted for a long time, so that a search engine the database website is no longer our index, the snapshot is not updated, the article also fell, keyword ranking dropped, while the K station, we now have several stations, the server often problems, web sites often have not open, there are web sites often poisoning have been linked to the black chain, keyword ranking fluctuations. In this piece, the space must choose good, certainly a lot of things we can not guarantee 100% security and stability, so we also often query website.

1, Shanghai dragon and server space

many people ask me, what exactly is Shanghai dragon, today with 2 years of work experience to talk about the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon extends to the entire Internet is a huge knowledge system, we make a stand now, no matter how the function of interface how the The path winds along mountain ridges., if not drool with envy. People can see, cannot realize his value, then the site is buried in the ground of the gold is not light, we are good marketing type website construction is also based on this concept as a selling point, then how can we make our website for users to find, we present the most mainstream search engine is love Shanghai, love Shanghai a You’ll see., love Shanghai occupy 80% of the share rate of information query, the user in the search for information, make our website as far as possible by the pre show This user needs Shanghai longfeng. What is Shanghai dragon? In the marketing sector of Shanghai Dragon technology is in the technology sector, Shanghai Longfeng marketing in Shanghai Longfeng edge on both sides of the awkward position. If we make love to a woman in Shanghai, then Shanghai dragon is to make the site love and love Shanghai search engine. How the marriage and it is certainly a quiet and modest maiden, conditional, you must first be a man, not a gay bar, not a right, it is not legal in China, so the site must first be legitimate regular station, of course we do must follow China station’s walk, or squat bitter kiln the love of Shanghai does not stop cleaning illegal website. We then from 5 aspects step by step outrageous, let love Shanghai fall in love with you.

then there are no money, consider the height, consider the health, this is the most important problem, this man was reliable, now.

2, Shanghai dragon and procedures