The old saying about new new strategy snapshot not update

again, check the website snapshot of different domain name. This is the site to turn over the domain name of the site, such as my equipment manufacturing network, before is three level domain name, the middle into two level domain. However, the old site snapshot of the three level domain name has been updated every day in today, check or October 20th. And now the two level domain name site, is still not in the middle of September. This shows that the weight of the old domain is still.

second, check the quality of the chain. Check whether there is the chain of bad influence snapshot update. Experienced in all know, the number of the chain is not possible, as long as the quality is good, the number of the chain is free. There are also many webmaster friends to share the experience of the chain, for example, to stay outside the chain high weight Forum (the forum can only stay outside in the signature chain), like A5 Chinaz (submission webmaster webmaster nets can join a chain in the paper), to love the product of Shanghai leave own website the link, these places are not easy to stay outside the chain, but as long as keep the chain, the quality is very high.

for these situations, since here before posting, do promotion can have very good included, it now remains the same, but the difficulty is increased. We can go to these places to leave our new chain, with a new high quality of the chain over the old links, so as to let love Shanghai notice our new domain name still is each >

through the collection view different domain, can further detect this URL is released through the tool included in what platform from past generations. I found through the search, before doing the promotion, in Shanghai love love Shanghai, love products know Shanghai Post Bar left in some of the high quality of the chain, because the article is very good, now also has been included in the A5 submission; many articles, and other webmasters reproduced, and some websites retain links, now has been included; there is some high weight of the community made high quality posts, so that led to this situation.

first, check the website chain. Check is not a snapshot of a website chain update is very slow, is not each other secretly removed the sake of a chain and so on, if the chain is a problem, will also affect our own website.

website snapshot not update, I am afraid to worry the webmaster. I believe that many owners have encountered such a situation: the content of the website has been updated every day, the promotion of the website also has been done, but a lot of content or edited the original article, why not update or snapshot love Shanghai? We all know no more new snapshot consequences are very bad, friends chain link difficulty affect the weight of the website, website included, even if not updated for a long time, is love customs into a small dark room is possible. However, the website snapshot not update, what should we do? The promotion personnel equipment manufacturing network goes to new about this problem.