There are some misunderstandings about Shanghai dragon in the industry

1. many network marketing companies say their grasp of love Shanghai algorithm.

2. search engine ranking can be controlled.

Shanghai Longfeng furniture, finish delivery end; it is a continuous uninterrupted work is not completed in time, no end point. You >

whether Shanghai Longfeng companies or individuals have agreed that the Shanghai dragon is free. In fact, and PPC than, Shanghai dragon spending really free and not what difference. But it is really free? Is the human cost and time to do Shanghai dragon first face, especially the time cost for an enterprise, time is money. So, Shanghai dragon is the need to spend time and money. For some companies, time and cost saving money is not proportional. So many companies are doing Shanghai dragon doing ppc.

a lot of network marketing companies in Shanghai Longfeng project, always on the commitment to the rankings to the first page or in the top three in the number of time. This makes a lot of just entering the Shanghai dragon industry people have a misconception: search engine optimization ranking can be controlled. This is the company that is groundless statement, in order to give customers a reassurance, let the customer to sign the contract. As for the ranking of search engine is not your home, how can you control the rankings? Love Shanghai overnight can let all your effort and sweat into the water. Someone said something very appropriate words: Shanghai dragon, play is the heart. Shanghai dragon is a high risk industry, the risk is not controllable.

you love Shanghai or Google, are not open to own the ranking algorithm. If they really mastered the ranking algorithm to love Shanghai, China is not only a love Shanghai. Shanghai dragon have what cheats, most of the knowledge of Shanghai dragon can be found on the internet. Guide for search engine optimization love Shanghai and Google released will cover most of the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, as long as you take the time to seriously study, you can master the advanced technology of Shanghai dragon.

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3. Shanghai dragon is free.

now Shanghai dragon became more widely known, more and more people began to enter the Shanghai dragon industry. Some of friends has become a Shanghai dragon Er through the system of training, such as Shandong Shanghai dragon is systematic Shanghai dragon training. Some friends are themselves on the network through the Shanghai dragon article predecessors, learn from their experience, and then slowly. Many beginner friends Shanghai dragon in the process of working and learning, their knowledge, experience some articles on the web, so that they will naturally or half unconsciously in the understanding of the Shanghai dragon on easy access to some misunderstanding.

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