The love of Shanghai on the site query problem announcement



as a bitter stationmaster, day and night to maintain his station, every day the number of original content, but not because of too much original content will trigger the love of Shanghai called "low quality site measures"? Although the Shanghai love and the influence of the many formal company site because of the crackdown on spam information network station. But in general also let individual owners understand, henceforth, the so-called pseudo original acquisition has not, then love Shanghai may by 80% of its market share to a large Internet webmaster in the future also need to treat shuffle, love Shanghai to normal mentality every act and every move.

from the original release of Shanghai love which can be seen, the 6.22 and 6.28 K events can not escape the relationship with "a status" algorithm, also love Shanghai statement "please do not because site returns a value large decline caused panic and speculation, the odd good actually what is" panic ", where as" speculation ", love Shanghai why the release of this announcement? This is not because of the recent owners back together love Shanghai caused? Before that love Shanghai released" low quality site measures "to coax live webmaster impetuous heart love? This puzzle is too much.

two: how to treat the love of Shanghai "on the site query syntax"


1, a content quality problem: since the pseudo original acquisition and manipulation is not feasible, then the only way is to create original content, the countermeasure is to spend a small amount of money in the task please ghost-written6 platform.

three: how to love Shanghai "low quality site"

2, about the chain problems: believe a lot of personal webmaster also obvious that the fluctuation of love Shanghai Domain, every day is in growth, slashed the countermeasure is as little as possible to do something like the forum replies, replies in recent blog.

all the reasons are because of the love of Shanghai want to overhaul the Internet spam problem, and our personal webmaster how to cater to the love of Shanghai, I have the following views.

3, on the snapshot: almost every website love Shanghai snapshots are not too normal.

see the love Shanghai yesterday released "on the site query syntax problem" of the announcement, believe that a lot of innocent individual stationmaster was a little comfort, many of the formal company, content quality is almost more than 90% have no way to escape the love of Shanghai "out of the situation" algorithm, believe that after this incident, Shanghai should love will soon return to normal.

: how to treat the love of Shanghai "on the site query syntax"