How to optimize the long tail keywords mining

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because of the long tail word is everyone to search according to their own thinking, so from this point of view, words of the long tail word is infinite, but when we dig, or to find more amount of the long tail word search.

traffic is accurate to attract traffic, if with the website marketing, the effect of the transformation will be particularly good.

long tail keywords mining

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what is the long tail keywords

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of long tail keywords compared to target keywords website is much smaller, because each person’s thought is not the same, so they search out the words are not the same, so after dilution, the search volume will become very small.

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long tail keywords refers to those non target keywords but also can bring the keyword search traffic. The long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products much higher than target keywords. So the long tail keywords have influence, very important for the profitability of a website next, just like Shanghai Longfeng to chat with you on the optimization of long tail keywords mining details.


is not only a 1-2 target keywords, long tail keywords is composed of many words together, which is consistent with the characteristics of "long", sometimes even a word is the long tail keywords.


simple, long tail keywords is the kind of people who pay attention to search, but the search volume is not very high words. The "long tail" has two characteristics: fine and long. This means that the corresponding word fine demand by the market attention, long means is that although not being taken seriously but there are still a lot of search volume. This is derived from the thought — many of the small market long tail accumulated will occupy a considerable market share of the. So, there are a large number of long tail keywords large and medium-sized website, the total flow is very large.

There are a lot of mining methods

long tail keywords, in accordance with the following methods just like Shanghai dragon introduced to do, you can have a massive long tail keywords the moment.

search because fewer people, so in the Shanghai dragon Er focus on the needs of the people is not much, this means that this word is relatively easy to do rankings, competition is small.


is generally a long tail word will be a corresponding demand point, if we take the long tail words, then to be able to attract potential customers demand for this website over the corresponding page. So the target accuracy is an important feature of the long tail word.