On the 4 search engines crawl crawl to the railway station

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due to the limited data, so far only 5 days of data analysis, can only say that Google with 360 of new response data is relatively fast, and have more effect on Google Ping service. Love Shanghai to railway station is outside the chain of love relative optimization of the home page and web site. The 贵族宝贝diypz贵族宝贝/pzqd/ computer configuration list of feeds, please respect the original

shows that Google has just started will carry out all aspects of crawling to the railway station, so for Google, a website content filled enough is very necessary. The second is the 360 search for new sites home page and content pages are also part of crawling, although Google did not amount to grab as much, but still impressive, so a lot of new content at the beginning of the same 360 search. The love of Shanghai, although the crawling of a dozen times, but grab all the website home page. At this point, at the beginning of the new sites, the home page is the focus of optimization, and the slow witted sogou.

360 with Sogou is not supported by the Ping Service, so Ping did not find the data of these two search engines. From the above point of view, the effect of the introduction of Google Ping Service to help spider is quite obvious, just the corresponding amount collected by Google. Love is not what Shanghai effect, at least from the far did not see the effect.


has recently made a new station, new station in order to observe the 4 search engine performance (love Shanghai, Google, Sogou, 360), at the same time for different search engines should be on how to optimize the site in the early stage. The website domain name registration and other issues, was released on the evening of August 27th, so some data also so a few days. We have enclosed the site’s Webmaster Tools:

, a search engine spider crawling records and

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