Love Shanghai down right What is the reason

nobody wants their website to be loved in Shanghai right down, if not so quick, take care of their website, one day you will find that Shanghai, after.


first, the webmaster repeatedly consider, do touch what we should not do love Shanghai’s bottom line. May sometimes be a careless move, but love will not give you mercy: Shanghai, because Shanghai is not love your relatives, so we usually must also look at the style. Below I will list some common drop right reason and recovery methods:

outside the chain too much too fast can cause love Shanghai suspicion, so be careful with the chain, a day long with two or three good outside chain on the line. And how the quality of your links have been added? Love Shanghai right down, or is the dead link? If so, must be timely cleared. Some sites have links with their GAD website does not conform to the theme, it also has the certain influence.

4. sites have illegal content


is now a lot of promotion hand in order to make their website ranking, to copy the article to others at all costs. However, when the search engines, found articles and others of your article is highly consistent, that is not the designated. So, many predecessors have called for: the article or the original good! But he is not to write how to do? Never mind, step by step, first try around a theme, you don’t need to write a few articles every day, after all, we are not professional writing hand. Even a Monday, as long as the love of Shanghai included, your hard work is finally paid off, it is more than 100 copies of all your day is not included in Shanghai good love.

has its own website keywords, which is used to highlight the theme of the. If you are in title, description, keyword in editing a lot of key words, do not hold fluky attitude, once love Shanghai found, immediately gone down right can hardly be avoided. Good words three projects in more than four or five times too, try to pay attention to.

2. of your

1. is the original

if your site there are some illegal factors, that your competitors can be happy, as long as he love Shanghai to report your site must be love Shanghai right down, you need to be cautious! Avoid this problem, write some original articles, which can not only solve the problem also, let love Shanghai love your website.


keywords to stack

other factors? ? ?


3. is often correcting your website

this is not too tired to panic? Would determine the good own theme, what changes. Title and description are often especially should not be changed, we should pay attention to this point.