love Shanghai in the eyes of the ranking algorithm adjusted results

well. These days, my hands on several websites for experiment and observation, obtained the following conclusions:


4.title need to revise the audit period. One of my website in the revised new rankings to the first, but the second day is a snapshot, ranking back to the original level. A week later, to update the snapshot, ranking to the first.

5. snapshots of the failure included in the rankings, a new snapshot more forward. We often see some snapshots slow a lot of Web sites, ranked above us, many people mistakenly believe that the snapshot date is not ranked one of the factors. Today I read several web data records, found the problem. Most of the website snapshot after the update, will get a higher ranking, but if the snapshot not update, the ranking.

Change the wording and keywords in the title

2. love Shanghai more and more attention to the original web site. Mentioned the problem before I wrote an article about the "ranking algorithm of search engine development trend" in the article. My blog has been doing the words "Shanghai Dragon Art", as I mentioned before, some of the key words flow can earn ZAC teacher’s future. My blog posts are all original, pure hand, without a tiny bit of plagiarism; but I do not how many external links. In the year after my original blog (now obsolete) in the search for "Shanghai Dragon Art" row to the first page, also located in Shanghai. In front of love. (of course, this entry is Shanghai dragon art I do, hey.

1.title layout. The importance of TITLE keywords has been further enhanced. There are several sites in one day, I modified the title, the latest snapshot from the original has been stable 17 ranked first, even higher than the love Shanghai Encyclopedia rankings.

3. for the chain, Shanghai pays more attention to the source of the love page quality. This point can be said that there has been no change. The weight of a high quality page transfer is ordinary or junk connection is not comparable. A website I have never done the chain, only symbolic made a few, but very high quality. I in the first row, and the following, all is the chain a lot. (this is not a personalized service, I know)

search engine rankings bring unlimited business opportunities, resulting in the occupation of the Shanghai dragon. Love Chinese search Shanghai exclusive Ngau Tau, the domestic Shanghai Longfeng patients (I love this name, Shanghai Longfeng people living in dire straits) to love Shanghai to study the ranking algorithm. Many more unscrupulous "Shanghai dragon brick", with "love Shanghai ranking algorithm" the keywords fooled many good Shanghai Longfeng novice, earn much traffic. I am not what a brick home, if you think this article has no meaning, you can ignore. If you feel for your help, a willingness to interact with you.