The five step on how to select keywords for optimization of the webmaster

, a steady flow of keywords

analysis of the second steps optimization of keywords, keyword competition view. Then we can know by what method? The flow size, generally included below 3 million keywords competition degree is small, 3 million less than 500 is a moderate degree of competition, more than 500 is a high degree of competition. Keywords the top three page website, if the search keywords, the top three pages are top-level domain name of the site, then can give up this keyword. The rival site visibility. See how can the degree of competition from the ranking home website visibility, if the home page ranking is some portal station, so it’s difficult to go beyond. So, how can the degree of competition in the second steps optimization analysis of key words is to look at the key words, if the competition you can choose to give up, otherwise it can be optimized.

whether we do website ranking or user experience, first need to determine a core keywords, carry out optimization work so as to better. To deal with the choice of keywords, you might use the love of Shanghai index and related search query tool, but if the simple tools can be obtained through flow, less competitive keywords that is not possible, after all, your method has thousands of webmaster in use, we all use the same way to get results about the same, so to be different from this needs webmaster keywords analysis in all aspects, such as the first three pages of what competitors like. So, let’s talk about how to choose the webmaster keywords optimization techniques.

see a number of keywords can optimize, promotion the most direct way is to view the keywords, such as the keyword search through the domain name registration, including the promotion of the number reached six, that is to say even if you optimize home page, then only ranked sixth, rather than the first, in general, keywords >



three, a small number of keywords for promotion


is a keyword if the natural flow are not, then this keyword rarely used for user search words or no user search. So we in the keyword analysis, first to determine the keywords of natural flow, this can be done by the keyword is copied to the semiannual love Shanghai index of the flow can be learned how to. After all, the words did not flow, the degree of competition will be less, and this is very easy to get ranked keyword optimization, but not even flow up the optimization is not necessarily what benefits. Therefore, analysis and optimization of key words, it is a keyword must have a natural flow, it can bring traffic to the site to optimize.

two, low degree of competition keywords