Talk about the love of Shanghai is how to influence the website included snapshot and weight

I found in the complaint love Shanghai snapshot at the same time, I noticed the love Shanghai search ranking, is that page I said complaints, love Shanghai actually gave me the first home page, the one got more than 60 independent IP, but that night was not the site for super the love of Shanghai, according to the first time a snapshot is included later ranked! Of course before others high weight site update it.

!This is not an absolute

Shanghai lazy people, when you feed him eat his mouth will you dress him, he will reach out, if you are not good for him, he wouldn’t fuck you, just like a spoiled child! If you don’t do well in the station building and station construction, he would not take you seriously, don’t even step on your website, if you insist on doing so, he will become seriously


, two owners encounter this kind of situation, I also encountered such a situation, so it is with my hot dog Heaven movie theater, today is December 17th, the snapshot is still in November 25th, I also very hard to understand this, but there is a head thread, after observing more than a week. Have been found in some areas of concern among them.

But no matter how to optimize !Love is like a snapshot of

recently more than a straight Monday watching love Shanghai snapshot update, found some love Shanghai snapshot habits during the may love Shanghai snapshot of these habits, can help us to correctly analyze the on site. There is a certain basis, take the new station, many novice in the early site, the content of the website construction, keywords optimization, the construction of the chain, a chain exchange is not very attention, leading to love Shanghai weight is not high, the site included page less, love Shanghai snapshot update slow, and even had a April, Shanghai love has not updated snapshot, or only included a front page

, railway station is the new sites, may not leap, the old hen has become the Phoenix, dinosaur eggs! The only thing we can do, is to do everything possible to stimulate him, only let the love Shanghai passive snapshot update! The only way is the method of snapshot complaints! Many people may have used. May all know that many people ignore this method! I also after repeated verification out of the conclusion of

Of course, this is just !

, I noticed, perhaps there are other factors that caused the page appears in the first place, it could not be determined, so the ready to take "four Mingbu 2" do you test, the page is after all is the whole network premiere. Although it can not be concluded that is a snapshot of a complaint, but love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love snapshot weight >

my approach is to first use the site command to check in Shanghai which included the page, and then to those long overdue page snapshot complaints, such as comedy "hip-hop Quartet of not handsome to a friend", then I have a snapshot of the page to make a complaint, then Shanghai will love this snapshot the page is updated to the latest