Shanghai dragon user experience not too many choices to the user

The significance of the existence of a reward function …

so, in that article was pushed home after 24 hours, then look at other articles will find a reward bar out from the original "reward heart" I have become fuzzy words: "my dog a reward, a long time did not eat delicious", "dream of selling a word for students, 2 dollars, enough to impress me!" and the like are more specific but no less interesting sentence

Xin Yongbao must first clear a relationship: at least so far I have not heard of any large rewards obtained by writing the article the money! Sina Tencent out of the reward function is just like we often in the circle of friends, QQ space, point praise and comments as one is to let readers can interact effectively, express their views; two is a praise, comment on each time means the originator of a sense of presence, a recognition of others on their own. However, until now, the reward function also makes this interaction and recognition has reached a new height! (everybody knows we thought Chinese Kazakhstan)

"specificity" to "professional"

…This article firstly before An error

but when I was proud of their own ideas, Yong Bao suddenly thought of a question: why like Zac, Feng Dongyang, Lou song song, Shao Lianhu, small boring such grassroots star since the media blog page are all the same all the columns are grouped together, and the headlines are displayed is the latest update? Why didn’t they update the latest of the various sections are arranged to the home page

ER in our Shanghai dragon website construction, program planning often make is fear less what column, for fear of their own customers to enter the site to find what you want! Or that navigation is not clear enough, such as column! Started to build their own permanent treasure Xin Yongbao Shanghai dragon blog, want to take on the Shanghai Longfeng experience, training courses, IT, information technology resources are divided into a trivial column! Is the home page and each column a piece together on to list them one by one, no matter what the user wants to think about the knowledge of Shanghai dragon can be seen in the home look! This seems to be a more comprehensive

Jane read articles about how to interact with the user in the article, he wrote at the end of a sentence (specifically remember, this probably means): "now WeChat micro-blog as a reward function, everyone has a choice of obstacles, so don’t give customers open options and tell them a reward of a specific number, and to give a good reason!"


may I say some of my friends did not understand what I mean: I was home not like Lu Songsong that one by one, the latest update of the article, several articles but each section of the latest update on the home page, in the layout, if I only had one more new column this is just the homepage that several columns >