Talk about the Shanghai Dragon station optimization


construction of internal links and original content, can only be regarded as a part of the station optimization, is also the most important part.

released "spark plan" in Shanghai, it has been shown that the future of his position. Love Shanghai, love for the original content, original content, evaluation will be higher.

What is the

personally think that is written website internal links and original content.

internal links, only need to make the "network structure".


just thinking about it, you will know the answer. Because we are Internet users in the ocean.

station optimization include titile page settings, pictures alt attribute set, H1 tag set, the user experience is set up, and so many factors.

so, what is the most important site optimization, also is the core of what


with the changing love Shanghai algorithm and upgrade, believe that many webmaster have discovered a problem. That is, love Shanghai now more and more attention to this part of the station optimization. Moreover, with the passage of time, the station optimization will occupy more and more important value.

filed Shanghai dragon, believe that many more people will know a little less. But do you really know – Shanghai dragon search engine optimization the meaning of

popular image that is like a spider web. Each node can go to another node. That is to say, as long as a user came to your site, after he opened a web page, feel that the content is very useful to him. Then, he can from this page, follow the link visiting all the websites ".

Write the

if a site can make a site


so, a website in the original article, the next step is the construction of internal links. The construction of internal links that simple, is actually very simple, as long as the word can be summed up.

the internal links is the priority among priorities. Of course, to do a good job of internal links, the first is to have original content.


, is closely related to the presence of this and the value of the site. The birth of a website, its main purpose is to make users satisfied users. So, if a website does not have what substantive things, the user simply can not find what he wants, he will love

Why did ?In fact, ?

this is not only the user’s love. More is the search engine spiders love. The search engine spiders principle is, crawling along the link.


, though it is only a word. He can really do it, it is not easy.