Shanghai dragon must learn to maintain absolute superiority on competitors

on the competitors at competitors what? The analysis of the competition advantage, our advantage is not better than them. This is our early in the site, on the site during positioning should do things, but it is also a long-term need to understand. Before the design of the industry for example name card for a fee, but later free, who shouted out free who at this point in time to get the biggest competitive advantage. If anyone in the second follow up, then the advantage will also continue in the second of the person, if we are absolutely ignorant of, so how could you be eliminated are not clear, of course, this is a change in the industry, generally in the field for many years only once, but if we are a progress fast industry focus on this index is also very important.

website ranking is a relative, not the best web site is better than competitors, as long as our site a little better can row in front of the competitors, for example, you only need 1000 chain can surpass competitors, even if you do 10000 what is not and do 1000 get the same results. Now many people at a loss in the hard, spent a lot of time to achieve the same effect, so the time cost is generally unbearable, but we did not put this calculation up. Now the social competition is becoming increasingly fierce, we need to take the minimum time to maximize its value, so my idea is just a little beyond the competitors can be ranked in front of competitors is enough.

second is about the competition tactics, concern the industry top five advantage technique is not very clever, you are not able to go beyond. If you don’t need to make up in other areas in the article, we must think of a way to pressure over the competitors. But efforts to optimize them, every day is not the content of the web site update, how quality content updates, and every day the chain growth, of course, also need to see the quality of the chain is high or low. If the situation can also can look at them in social media activity, if others have a micro-blog account hundreds of thousands of fans, you must also consider that this factor, social media is now on the optimization is more and more important. If you can do can also see them for promotion and drainage in which platform, only so many dimensions to pay attention to competitors, we can make detailed plans beyond the competitors.

so that everyone on the team goal clear, then the target decomposition, step by step to reach. Staring at the opponent has several advantages, such as we do the real-time lottery station, if we know the competition is to publish the content at what time, then we can step back to release. Especially the real thing, we can grasp the competitor’s release time, we first step the competition is extremely meaningful. This is because the real-time information users are most interested in, and are particularly vulnerable to the formation of loyal users, people.