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economic growth (thanks to government Chinese)

exit Chinese nobility baby in 2016, only two of the noble baby product functions, noble and noble baby baby Map >

ecological empowerment through the search results to provide production, execution and monetization of very high efficiency for users. The ecological love Shanghai authorized support consists of two major functions: the page loading speed and HTTPS. This update is to delay control page loading, and provides security for website hijacking, spam and PII data leakage. In order to achieve these objectives, Shanghai is now tracking the noble love baby accelerated mobile page (AMP) steps, modify the mobile instant page (MIP) project.

The project with Google

in Beijing recently held the meeting presided over by the search engine, love Shanghai core search and webmaster tools team of engineers, three important love Shanghai search engine optimization tool is highlighted. This includes ecological licensing strategy love Shanghai, mobile instant page (MIP) project and 2016 update algorithm.


seems to love Shanghai completely imitate the noble baby AMP project, but there are some significant differences between the two projects. First of all, love Shanghai MIP using scripts to keep mobile browser is not compatible with Chrome and Safari Chinese. Secondly, before the MIP page will be JavaScript in the end tag, and in the noble baby AMP, only between the application and the script. MIP and AMP allow only asynchronous scripts, but it is not a big difference, because the two methods are not delayed page explanation.

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‘s mobile instant paste (MIP) project

love Shanghai localization and globalization

love Shanghai in the early 2016 release of Spider 3, URL has greatly increased the speed of discovery and indexing. Crawl speed is increased by 80%, now love Shanghai real time index trillion ".

love is Shanghai’s most popular search engine China. Previously, due to widespread advertising, organic search love Shanghai has not been considered effective search, and now Chinese legal changes to the marketing staff to bring hope, in the upcoming market again.

reported the very love Shanghai aspiring AMP, achieved more than 2800 sites, and will be able to shorten the loading time from 30% to 80%, which will be the landing page click increased from 5% to 30%. In order to achieve this efficiency, Shanghai has been in love with obstacles. It was from the noble baby AMP implementation project learned many valuable experiences and lessons. Add a channel in Shanghai webmaster tools, to submit the page. In the December 2016 release of love Shanghai MIP project, index of more than 900 million MIP pages.

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