Wang Baochen presented mail A5 members free marketing strategy


email marketing is not only a corresponding resource platform, we in the production of marketing, we must first choose a good content, so the content, we also have a enough to attract people to click to watch those previous title (the title of the party is completely rely on a title to attract tens of thousands of users to access of course, the title of the party most.

2011.10.13 at 14:53 in the afternoon doing something Wang Baochen www.wangbaochen贵族宝贝 saw a small window from the Tencent QQ group message, then in just 2.3 seconds immediately attracted my attention – free A5 membership.

1. mail marketing value

group email marketing

so we need to look at a simple email marketing value, the maximum utilization of domestic mail is not clear to me is that, we talk about the Tencent’s mailbox, Tencent last year publicity QQ online at the same time more than 1 hundred million…… Some differences from other Tencent email mailbox portal, with some of its products with QQ, group mail, drift bottles, QQ group is a miniature of the chat room, classified into different small circle, if you have 100 QQ group, QQ group and the group of email function is open, even if only 100 people in a group, add up to 10 thousand people…… The ten thousand people you send the contents of only 3 layers to see that there are 3000 people, 3000 people in the middle of 1800 people click on the filter is not a small flow, another Tencent bottles that you as many people know, and also use this tool to anonymous QQ mail, this tool can greatly promote the number of Tencent personnel use mailbox. There are postcards and other additional features (websites are doing the user experience), here is not difficult to see from the Tencent to do email marketing are of great value.

2. email marketing title is very important


send this on a free A5 member of the QQ group of mail at 14:52 in the afternoon, I can cause intense interest is the title of the mail, the meaning of the expression, believe the Admin5 Adsense nets made the website or Shanghai dragon friends should know that, there is a forum for the stationmaster net although the forum can apply for free, but if you want to leave a message in the above post, and must be certified before use, each account A5 forum certification costs 10 yuan, in August last year, Chen Bao know there is such a A5 forum, because certification fee income of 10 yuan it has not been used, I believe that many owners see this. Group of mail will move, and click to enter to see detailed information, open after careful observation of the detailed process to guide my thoughts on another issue – mail camp Pin, Wang Baochen today and everyone together about three elements:

As you can see above: