The rain was again in July 4th K Shanghai in Shanghai Longfeng odd manufacturers home to view

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found the problem after viewing the hand station of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, found that most of the website included love Shanghai surge, and the related domain basically did not change, no change in ranking. After the website in a timely manner to the forum, QQ group statistics of other practitioners, found similar.

first thing in the morning rain on Shanghai Longfeng forum in Shanghai Shanghai dragon love word ranking, the view in the rain after the miracle disappeared, the original flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, collected directly from 5000+ to 19, home directly by love Shanghai K off, so the ranking also sank.

I think, since June 22nd, Shanghai has been in the adjustment of love, some love Shanghai do not think reasonable website right down, data processing, part of the site correction, the rain in Shanghai Longfeng forum, so it appears the phenomenon and the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, today the site included the sudden increase, in general, the relevant domain the site should also be increased, but this is not change, this is the embodiment of love Shanghai recently stressed that foreign again. He pays more attention to the "content", although it is not included because it leads to rankings, but Shanghai dragon Er is more than the attention to the original and readability of now! The ranking has not changed, probably because of the huge amount of data for each love Shanghai, change an algorithm, but also through the massive operations to the server, now love Shanghai This idea is added to the algorithm to love Shanghai, is not a simple matter, because only gradually changes slowly, to achieve the goal, we work together to continue to pay attention to the change of love in Shanghai, you will find the real importance of the website content is not improved, and even affect the web site keywords ranking.

is a word in the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai home page is called a strange business network, to observe the next station, the number of view statistics included more than 100, but the relevant domain of thousands, although the domain name length of more than two years, also did not see what the color of the specific point supporting this station has ranked the situation is so good, maybe a high quality single, it is impossible for us to find.

, thank you!


today love Shanghai, because since June 22nd adjustment, data problems, or because of the rain to re adjust the reproduction of

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