The three point understanding site is down right after the share of love in Shanghai

Jingxiaxinlai ask yourself if your website is love Shanghai or do users? Love is doing to Shanghai to see it, or in order to truly meet the needs of users for? I remember the website started out in the wrong direction, I fully hold ranking idea, future ranking and ranking in every day daily update timely, the wide of the mark. "

station in the forest is a sapling cultivation, want to let it grow into a big tree must not instant success, such as mass, is a typical one to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm too much more to the seedlings nutrient excess, nature will be a problem. At the same time to make the site jiyechangqing we should expand more channels to create more channels to provide nutrients, let the tree root is more developed, only to the overall growth in this piece of the Internet in the forest to live. At the same time as the station you should pay more attention to the cultivation of people, only learned the relationship between business people, will maintain a good relationship between, in order to make the development of their own this tree with luxuriant foliage better.

insights: website

recently in December the Shanghai love update, suddenly one day find website is down right, without any keyword ranking, page snapshot does not update, no longer included increasing every day, their detailed examination of every detail, and looked at the day of the flow, indeed! Love Shanghai no longer to any one of IP most flow only from other search engines scattered, Google, Sogou, 360, many web site outside of the chain and I had to bring traffic. See here, I suddenly feel infinite, thought a lot, site traffic source is actually a lot, we should not only rely on love for Shanghai, now love Shanghai algorithm, the user experience is the most important, the most common mistake is to ignore the user experience, ignore the webmaster user’s point of thinking, thinking web site.

two: love Shanghai

if a forest as a whole network is very big compared to the complex, so our website is this piece of forest in a small sapling, beginning also fragile, only you can slowly cultivate grown trees, and every page of the website is actually equivalent to this tree. The leaves, and the internal links in the site is equivalent to the tree leaves link branches and leaves they convey the nutritional needs and value. Then the search engine is what? The search engine is the source of our traffic, can be said to be the channel, ditch, when the site is down right is the natural love Shanghai love Shanghai the ditch without water, no transfer flow over, this analogy I believe we would understand it easier. For the love of Shanghai right down, although there is no love Shanghai traffic, but other aspects of traffic but to many, such as the ditch water in the noble baby. What is the chain? Chain is our a number of roots, root development is the key to growth of branches, but also to bring more value to the site.