Website optimization Shanghai Longfeng 7 common HTML tags

H1 tag is the most important part of the emphasis on the page, usually used in the page title. Need to pay attention to is on the same page in H1 tags can only appear on one, if multiple H1 tags appear in the page will adversely affect the Shanghai dragon.

Tag OptimizationH tag

2. Shanghai dragon heading tag


1. Shanghai dragon TDK tag

TDK for each Er Shanghai dragon are no longer familiar with the familiar HTML tags and.TDK are Title, Keywords and Description Tag Optimization of the three most common. The Title page title, keywords page, description page description keywords. (strictly speaking is in addition to title, the other two are mate tag attributes) these three labels because too familiar with here simply mention do not do much to explain.

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er only knows above a common way, in fact the nofllow property can also play a role in the link in the page, because this usage rarely see the.

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H2, H3 and other heading tags can be used repeatedly in the same page, generally used in the column name, title or title in small paragraphs.

recently had many friends asked me how to use the HTML tag in the Shanghai dragon, old Kang according to these problems summarized website Shanghai Longfeng optimizes the common 7 HTML tags and talk about.

! You’re not wrong is the nofllow property, er nofllow said many Shanghai dragon love label, nofllow isn’t a tag it just HTML tag an attribute. Usually think of using the nofllow attribute links to search engines will not be tracking (the controversial), but not to transfer the weight of the link to the page. The most common way is to use the nofllow property to avoid unnecessary loss of page weight so as to achieve the purpose of weight. The use of methods such as anchor text

heading tag has a positive impact on the website optimization, but if will also bring adverse consequences should not be used indiscriminately, heading labels are used in the whole content.

3. site of the Shanghai dragon tag nofllow attribute

heading tag is that we often say, it is on the part of the page to emphasize, generally used in the title, title, column name. Heading tags from H1 to H6 a total of 6 pairs, emphasizes the extent of decline, are often used in H1, H2, H3 three heading, H5, H4 tags, because H6 emphasizes the role of small that can be ignored in all website optimization Shanghai dragon in basically not to use.