Want to know whether the site was punished by the data to study

as everyone knows, the search engine algorithm is in constant adjustment, coupled with the recent "Wei Zexi time" for the influence of PPC, love makes negative evaluation of recent Shanghai increased a lot. The joint investigation team to woo Shanghai to adjust the ranking algorithm, in order to promote the improvement of medical institutions accounted for at the same time, love Shanghai increased more stringent audit responsibilities. In this environment, Xiaobian today to see the site information, found the weight, included, keyword ranking data are in a state of decline, this is why?

as the Shanghai dragon practitioners, first thing every day is to understand the site information, then use the "site" command is every day to do the work, if you use the instructions, found no results, the punishment is very serious! On the contrary, if only the data has not changed, it only shows that before the recent search engine to the frequency is not so high, so you have to do is keep update frequency, update the content of course should be more original.


1, site instructions, abnormal

, search engine punishment is not so easy to be detected, but not without any rules. If some of the web site keywords ranking drop, flow down, in the end because of being punished or just caused by the adjustment of the search engine algorithm? Or have some new competitors to join in? Or because of other competitors to strengthen the Shanghai dragon? May also be because the external link weight you construction to reduce these reasons? The site data are likely to lead to decline, so want to know their site have to search engine punishment, some good research is that some of the data.

general, brand word is unique identifier of the site, so in search of brand word, you will find that the site will be at the top. If one day you find in the search brand word, it is not in the first place, that your site does being punished. Don’t think about what you have done, and then quickly adjust the strategy, do not continue to go wrong! This is the pool of talent such as: Ten thousand steeds gallop. small brand.

2, search brand word, found the problem

maybe many novice Shanghai Longfeng practitioners said, the current situation of Shanghai love natural ranking must also have to strengthen the audit, so the data fluctuate is normal, can be used as a professional Shanghai dragon Er, and the data can not every abnormal changes are attributed to the environment, so small cost very long time to study the site data, to determine the site and not be punished. The original value is to increase the content of the web site to do next, keep the chain construction work frequency, of course if your site is also a problem, or take a look at the data, know that they are not punished by search engine, and then to continue to adjust the strategy, Shanghai dragon

journey!In fact,