What are the necessary conditions included the love of Shanghai

as a webmaster, every day for the website content update, published articles, the chain construction is essential to work, believe most of the webmaster daily published articles are to be included in search engines, included not only to a website can bring some of the chain, the most important is the site itself weight lifting and ranking the front there is a certain role.

but to the webmaster one thing is very headache, every post, the search engine is not included, my L-carnitine site had experienced such experience, now I this site www.jf269贵族宝贝 included rate according to the recent performance has been very normal, sometimes can be posted within 1 hours of collection, this question I simply talk about and I of this little experience, I hope everyone can help.

is the title of the article should also note that this is just my personal opinion, I think the title of the article length have certain influence to the title included, if written too long words are not included, as for the search engines, it will think you have the title of the key word stack of the suspects, online there are a lot of the argument in this regard, it is recommended that you write in the title as far as possible not to write too long, short and clear on the line.


first I thought the content quality is a necessary condition for search engines, we all know that spider is love fresh things very much, if you provide the article is original, can give users a very valuable information, and in the search engine’s own database does not contain your content, so this is a very good dish for spiders, the search engine will collect your article, wait until the appropriate time will be put out, if the weight of your site is good, this would be the second, this is what we often refer to the importance of the original.

every day must be regularly updated website, which I think is very important. I have had this little attention, although every day to update the web site, sometimes is the morning, sometimes at night, but every release of the original article, the love of Shanghai is not included, since some time ago, I point to the site every day to update the article, after a few days later, the article was included on the day. According to this I think, if not on time every day to update website then, as for the visit of the spider spider is very negative, if in the morning to visit your site, then you haven’t updated, it will be empty handed, often in this way, it will think you site more new frequency instability, to the weight of your site is relatively low, if you update website, and high quality of the article, a long time, so the spider can develop on time every day to your site included your article, such as search engine, it will think your site update frequency is very stable, to the relative weight of your site will be higher, the speed will be faster also included.