Comprehensive analysis of exhibition promotion wise remark of an experienced person drilling operati

drilling exhibition promotion has nearly a month’s time, also try to practice with the knife several times, in general is not a very good effect, but also is the basic operation process and ideas have a clear understanding. Do you want to get a good drilling exhibition of the input-output ratio, we must know the whole operation is very clear ideas, through continuous testing, and finally have a good harvest.

third is about bidding.

is the first step to do is to understand each advertising information.

second is about the relationship through investment and orientation.

refers to the investment as long as the drill exhibition advertising display, anyone can click into the picture to the store. The orientation is divided into categories (such as women’s orientation can be accurate to dress and other words), visitors (those who enter their own shop oriented access or similar style shops visited buyers can see the picture), the two on the way to the first relatively more accurate. The first one is I want to eat, but do not know what to eat today. While the second is today I want to eat dumplings, but also do not know where to eat. The third is the day before yesterday I in this restaurant to eat dumplings, I also want to eat today. Therefore, because after screening, using third kinds of delivery method is more accurate, the conversion rate is more natural.

auction is divided into two parts, the first is through investment position, that is to say what is the lowest bid advertising. Want like Figure 3 the lowest daily pop focus by bid is 1 yuan, but because on the crowd is mainly for visitors, therefore, have a foundation in the bidding for a premium, so as to be displayed. And what is the appropriate premium? This depends on the specific circumstances of the delivery date. If the whole network promotion activities such as bidding must be very intense, and usually much lower. According to the recent average premium minimum bid advertising began to gradually add up, has been to estimate how much can get ranked, get traffic number, you can decide whether you also need to increase the. Each advertising because of the flow and click rate are not the same, therefore, some locations may be ranked 100, invested 500 yuan a day can also be.

currently, the drilling exhibition advertising is divided into stations and stations, a total of 108 positions, including delivery stations accounted for the vast majority of. Every advertisement has thousands of times to show the lowest bid, each position of the image creative index are not the same, such as in the home display advertising requirements are relatively high, require a level of creativity. The other is the location of the creative needs of ordinary can. Each advertisement has a minimum daily consumption amount, as some 10 yuan will be put in place, and the highest is home page advertising, the minimum is 500 yuan starting. If it is not cost much, you can put a small amount of test picture hits, then slowly put in large flow, high amount of advertising.