Analysis of love Shanghai updated website ranking decline

            love Shanghai monthly 26 look to be updated, and wait, today a check: website from 1000 breakthrough 2000 mark yesterday, the heart glad unceasingly, this is a good sign!! Check your keywords, usually on page second and found the son didn’t have, three or four pages! Day, 277th to go!! I’d rather not included!!

1, friendship connection increases not by normal way. The website can also find a connection to the natural, convenient a lot, increased quite a chain this month. And I also and the thief stand exchange links, do not rule out the thief stood the reasons.

2, the hair is popular among a lot of jokes, the last time I made a joke about salt, included, the second day when the light salt to search more than 500! So then I every day according to popular words to original or false original some jokes, the effect is not ideal, common words are 8-9 the morning, at noon can see, but the article with popular keywords jokes but wait for second days or third days, and don’t bring a flow.

Linear growth


Not ready to do the change

now, every day by the amount of time to send a certain number of jokes, foreign press to send the chain, hope that the next update after ranking. ~ ~ this is my view on a website optimization, please support my friends station: 38 funny network http: //s.888gx贵族宝贝