Love is the official website of the Shanghai how to get the certification mark

of course, the Shanghai dragon for so many years, although it has always been my good nature, but occasionally unavoidably worse occupation habits told me: generally not included in the current normal love Shanghai case, the collection of the address are not included, so I need to submit your address:

No one knows the

has a lot of people ask me, since you call Shanghai dragon optimization’s leading masters, then you have to point out to the official website of the Shanghai dry cargo love! How to get the certification mark? You don’t know because of this, so called "master with how to? In this regard, I said sorry, for providing wet goods for so many years, and boast so many years, have always believed that their" master "is only that you even if you take it seriously to sniff at the name of the attitude to face it, then this seemingly blowing essence is the name of your zhaoma take it

at the same time, in order to support the love of the original Shanghai spark plan recognition, I also love to help Shanghai’s own love not included in Shanghai’s official website certification page PING to love Shanghai search engine (in the face of the familiar faces, the spider, how do you see? – what? Why not say the Yuan Fang? I Yuan Fang honor, Yuan Fang has not really changed the spider):

Internet love the official website of the Shanghai New World: 贵族宝贝guanwang.baidu贵族宝贝/vcard/officialsite

of course. Just enough. Naughty monkey to do business when they are to pray? Therefore, I would like to demonstrate how to do business again (in order to completely reduce text output, reflects the ">

but, nevertheless, it seems today I brag about another heavy, because I found a love dream last night Shanghai official certification mark of the "new world"! Open the URL in a dream, today is

address authentication !

believe me, it is the first time in my dream, if you still don’t believe me, never mind, you can see whether the URL in the search engine shared by others (i.e. no relevant domain):

analysis of the domain can be normal, but because it is the first time that appear in the dream, you can not guarantee to analysis:


: what? Do you think the first one is the natural search? In fact, you are wrong, after opening is this:

but, anyway, I do not know how to take the love under the official website of the Shanghai certification must have capital not bragging!? so for capital! I have a lot of love in Shanghai, for example, love Shanghai: "love is the official website of the Shanghai certification", discovered a lot of irrelevant:

thus, love the official website of the Shanghai two have no entrance certification related domain, namely the Internet never shared the address belongs to the new continent was found in my dream! (^__^…… First for his own dream come true cheer).