How to use the content to create a website Gao Quanzhong

"content is king, the chain for emperor" this is a law in Shanghai Longfeng circle, then how can we write high quality original articles, and for different types of websites, and how can we make Shanghai dragon direction? We took the two look down, we have to adjust our optimization according to our own situation, for example: I was doing business enterprise station, a station is the biggest bottleneck without a lot of content for the filling site, the focus of our optimization should be based on good good external links. For external links is the focus of Shanghai Longfeng scheme, so we don’t have a lot of content in the premise of the more to do outside the chain of high quality. Because the links can directly affect the keywords ranking and website income. If the information is the focus of our class website, to put on the optimization of the content above, with high quality content to attract customers, retain customers. Get the search engine in the pro gaze. So we need to determine our optimization of gravity according to the nature of the site.


two, the contents of the original site is the foundation of a web site, only the most original quality content filling site, can bring high weight to the site. Now the search engine more and more intelligent, the content of the site collected first, then after a period of study period, the reserved pass is deleted, it is also included for reasons why not stable. If you remove a small number of words on the website of the impact is not great, if a delete a lot included, that it was a massacre site. Website light into the sandbox.

for information websites, while external links can import a lot of weight, but the "content is king" is an indisputable fact, the content is "dry cargo" in real things, is to meet the needs of users. So, for the information of the kind of website to rich and elaborate on the optimization of the long tail content above is more important. Today I will share the first magic weapon to create high weight website: website content. But what kind of content in order to create a high weight website:

, micro-blog and V, issued an official certification after the content is authoritative, a brand, as long as the experts given negative information, that the brand will also meet the line, although some exaggeration, but that was a problem, experts on behalf of the authority, credibility is relatively high. So our website content to have a good authority, but a website to do well the authority is difficult, because the accumulation of the need of the time, because it is better than the government or educational institutions like the site, is born "two generation" or "two rich generation", have the advantage. That is not what you can do here? I can offer a little experience: for example, we are doing the education industry, the need of our website content in place can refer to some content such as: the Ministry of education official, the user will feel we see the contents of the Ministry of education is based on the contents of the authority. So our website authority also raise the (we advocate the original, but there are a lot of authoritative content is not original, such things against the.