The site included the chain continued to decline the novice should decide on what path to follow


every day asking colleagues, asked former master, the reasons for the decline to consult this chain and included the. Every time the conclusion is right, normal ", but in fact the chain and included the situation is not changed, is still in decline. For half a month, I have been on the verge of collapse, even the thought of quitting have sprouted several times. Do not know what the reason, the master began formally to help me analyze my site, then I put forward relevant opinions (here I also remind you meet the same colleagues, don’t panic, a comprehensive examination of their station. Then you can increase the daily workload, station and filling to ensure the original update, optimization in the station more, and then increase the release of the chain). According to his method on the site for a week of cramming, finally let the site stopped the day decline, the site began to calm down.


story dates back to a period of time before the time when the eighteen celebrate is I in the company, for second months, during that time the site makes me worried, the chain began to decline from 5000, every day uninterrupted, has dropped to 400, 300 from 150; the station included has been reduced to 80. As the master is not me, how to do it really bothers me. So every day, everywhere for help. Now the eighteen passed, my site slowly began to improve, and now the chain began to rise steadily, included the steady increase in. To share experiences with you during my time.

website is back to normal mood to express

took over the site, in my care, collected from single digit to three digit, the chain from a number of development for the number four. But during that time the country to celebrate the eighteen years, do not know how hard the problem or because the online website, anyway, situation is getting worse. Whether the chain or station, has declined to a steady pace, as I can think of no way to solve this problem. After the snapshot becomes unstable, until they are each update to the snapshot of the day before, but at that time, more than half of the snapshot back It is without rhyme or reason. sometimes. I was really scared, because I was not a veteran of the Shanghai dragon, had previously been in the business of forming site, there is the team with me brothers together, but now I am a person doing a site, but also a new station, really began to fear. What should I do?

website is not optimistic about the inner anxiety

day and night to go all out for a week, after the site although smooth, but has not included the growth, the growth of the chain is not very obvious, but also not worry, more critical are seen, this risk is what. Now, included in the site.


stable mood slowly calm down