The principle of the construction site outside the chain


20, the chain from various historical sites, there are also new old

16, do Links risks, please leave contact information, daily check Links cases, including PR, snapshot, included, the chain, whether it is right to drop

22, the link must be flat.

19, as far as possible to get links from different domain name贵族宝贝,.Net,.Org, can also be from different countries of the domain name, the domain name of total number of better

9, decentralized nature, can not be completely focused on a key

chain of chain released 20 principles, I hope to help you

13, remember that more difficult to get links are often more valuable, but also do not deliberately make

3, the chain page must be relevant, a Shanghai Longfeng website went to a fortune teller named website link is of no significance

2, the chain construction must be manually, can not use cluster software

The anchor text link page6,

12, all links must follow the principle of quality and quantity is higher than before,

, 7 time every day to the quantitative classification directory submission site for a period of three months

, 21 different PR sites, from high weight, but also from the low PR, even without PR, so as not to be mistaken for the purchase link

15, mirror sites, link farms firmly do the chain

18, do first observe each other website links are added nofollow link to the chain before the robots ban, the website does not include

14, links do not is to redirect, JavaScript, jump JS, cache, hidden links, frame page

17, k out by search engines, right down to the blacklist, the site does not do the chain

search engine

5, the chain is the best static page

10, the chain is not confined to the home directory page or the article page should also have the distribution of the


must be text outside the chain, can do image

4, the location of the link, the best links in the text, but it can not be limited to this, should have a wide range of

11, linked to a broad, both from the forum, but also from blogs, news sites, social media, a local number of links do not exceed 40

8, the chain page is best not to have more than 20 station outbound links

1, all the chain close to nature, cannot be heimao and cheating to