The ten thing to share Shanghai dragon road ahead will do two

linkbait just start for the novice webmaster more difficult to grasp, to own forum to post the external links many owners still used every day, but the forum has two drawbacks, a search engine knows many of these are junk posts, inside there will be a lot of high quality content, the other is to know these signatures are the number of external links in improving human, manipulating the ranking suspect, it will not give high weight. Therefore, Shanghai, along the way, or should do link bait, such as news, resources, ideas and so on.

for large sites, long tail keywords is a factor we have to consider. Users of long tail keywords can be said to be a compulsory course in Shanghai dragon ER. Even if our site is small, the content is not enough, but as long as the cumulative, can still see the effect. Optimization of long tail keywords compared to core keywords relatively easy, do some internal links, plus the website has a good weight can take up. Although some of the site’s content enough, the overall weight is very high, but the long tail but not the corresponding flow, this is the site of the layout problem.

Ten things




linkbait effect

Why can

from the link to dig the "content" of


optimization of long tail keywords


share in Shanghai dragon in the previous article on the road ahead will do (a), five things I have to share the Shanghai dragon on the road ahead will do, is to solve the problem, study were included to bring the flow of the page, view the channel page rankings, the flow of words, dig through how about other search engines, all these require us to continue to observe and modify the site, so as to pave the way for the later today, then continue to share the articles below, there are five aspects.


links and content about? Because from the external links, you can find links to web pages, see the contents of these pages which belong to the content, because these pages are probably your content, you can see the user is interested in what, what can bring external links to your content, so that we can strengthen. Are very instructive for the construction of the external links.

website optimization is not immutable and frozen, keywords fluctuation is a normal phenomenon. No matter for the core keywords or long tail keywords, are likely to decline. Found this situation, first observed a certain period of time, do not easily modify the site. There may be a problem because the search engine itself, over a period of time, preferably 2 weeks or 1 months, if continued to decline, so that the site has problems. This time we need concrete analysis, such as updating problems, or external links, or internal accumulation, need one by one investigation.