What kind of work to do website optimization

two factors, category is repeated. As in the navigation bar, have the corresponding channel. In the middle of this website, again a channel, are analyzed. It is used repeatedly for the optimization of adverse

three factors, the forum layout, is divided into primary and secondary. Search engines crawl habit is from left to right. Therefore, the need to adjust the section on the left, updated regularly, can get the spider to grab and included.

website is composed of frame code, mainly by the programmers to write. To build a good website, also need to optimize the relevant work. Thus, to make the search engine to the site smoothly, the formation of certain regularity. If you can form this habit is a spider, for the website, is very good, can greatly improve the site weight of. Analysis of website structure factors, from the following points can be described.

needs to be simplified;Whether the The ;

, a factor of whether there is redundant code phenomenon. This is the optimization of personnel, should take into account. The complexity of the code, the search engine spiders, making it easy to confuse. After all, she is composed by the code, can not fully like people to think. Thus, can overall on the website of the corresponding judgement. Redundant code common places, such as JS, some websites function complete, can be achieved by a JS, but by two to make the call. This situation is the code redundancy,

core site optimization is the site, using the corresponding method, can in the search engine home page ranking. Thus, the search engine can obtain the natural flow effectively, improve the site conversion rate. Optimization of workers, are based on this process, the corresponding work. Now, some factors web site optimization of frame structure is an important part of optimization.

no matter how smart or promotion optimization technology, if the site itself has some defects in it. In this way, the latter work will be two phenomena: stagnant or slow. Thus, a huge waste of time and manpower in certain. Therefore, the website structure optimization, website optimization is the first point. Then, and then gradually to the next step of the work. This article from: 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/u/1770315455