Yao Xiaowei the history of the most complete ascension website weight

1, the content of timeliness, the events of the day or the recent incident. For example: the headline: X years X months X days XX customers to XX company provided a XX product, content: X year X month X day afternoon, sales manager of XX company XX XX received a customer calls, said to have come to our company to inspect, buy a XX product. The XX manager after receiving the call, immediately bring customers to the shop to visit. I saw a busy workshop, the staff busy for everything in good order and well arranged, a production order, so write down overtime…

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Scindapsus algorithm we all know well the station content can make their sites gradually rising and get good rankings if we want to update every fixed time station information, but how can we create high quality original content? Here is to integrate the pen under how to grasp the search engine to easily create high preference the quality of information:

6, suppose, if you are engaged in medical work site can write like this: "if pregnant if not timely treatment will happen

2, the survey, for their products to write a statistical investigation or articles

release of the chain can refer to "the history of the whole chain release method also need to add the finishing" here is a chain with the enemy outside the chain of white, is the same industry B2B platform, forum to post, and the same industry portal, such as you do with the Internet related knowledge you can go to the A5 site, Chinaz, search and other portals contribute, then there will be a N website reprint your article and add your link to this site itself high weight, the search engine trust is high, the weight after natural hair more also can enhance their own website.

3, development trend, and write about the future development trend of the

must choose the same industry highly related site and the other sites included the number to be with their own site or stand almost superfluous, hurry up to overnight.

5, contrast, contrast to write

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manufacturing high quality articles in addition to the original but also grasp the search engines like, here is the author of many methods according to their own experience list. Why high quality content can enhance the website weight? We look at this algorithm introduced that scindapsus.

three, Links

With the launch of

site weight ascension has been a topic of concern Shanghai dragon R, but how to accurately and comprehensively enhance the website weight? Here the author according to their years of occupation experience one for everyone.

4, commentary to the user’s eye, to write a commentary on


with different brands of the same product

Two, the chain