YAHOO image search to add pictures and share button roller

Although YAHOO

Google has added a wireless wheel last year in their image search, and will be in 2009 has begun to do this. In social networks, Google has recently put the image search and their social network + comprehensive noble baby. At the same time, will be sharing button are already using Facebook, and can easily implement sharing pictures on mobile devices.

YAHOO has in its image search add two significant new features. The search is now available through the scroll button to view the image search results in search results and by sharing their love button photo sharing in Facebook or Twitter. YAHOO is the last added function of the major search engines search engine.

YAHOO image search function

update a little late, but we cannot deny the efforts of YAHOO. YAHOO expects to have a new breakthrough in the search engine. This paper consists of teayg tea pavilion 贵族宝贝teayg贵族宝贝/ finishing editing, please indicate the source, thank you

added these functions has long been considered some positive functions, although YAHOO will share to do other than rivals more convenient and friendly, but YAHOO is still a bit late.



The new Update


picture scroll is all image search engine most used, this requires a bit of explanation in your image search, you can click the scroll button, you can view the unlimited image search results. The user in the process of rolling pictures, if they meet their love pictures, they can according to the above provide the share button, picture sharing to the current mainstream social networking sites, but it is a pity, the current YAHOO sharing is to support Facebook and Twitter images. This time make only superficial changes in image search is the second time this year, YAHOO update, upgrade this year for the first time in August, YAHOO has added a new mechanism in search of a picture, full size pictures and improved navigation.