The secret of making love in Shanghai included page

!The first part:

a lot of friends suffer from their own page, not included slow seconds etc.. In fact, love Shanghai fast included on the page, the idea for the old station, it is not difficult to achieve! But for 3 months of a new station, to achieve fast love Shanghai included in the page, this process will work! Here I would like to tell you how I love Shanghai the page

because the site is mainly small green software based, we all know the software station, and the station is not the same, software to write not many, mainly that the software is what to do, what is the use of and so on can be! So introduces each part of small software of this station, is I he had written! I have made several stops, accumulated a lot of experience, love Shanghai love is the one and only content, and not be reproduced thousands of times! I always think a quality is not high hand written articles on the Internet than a reproduced by the thousand times high quality article is better! Although small station software introduction part of writing is not very good, the quality is not high, but I still adhere to the original


is better!

soft Wen promotion this part I do less. Because now the webmaster portal system audit more stringent, general webmaster to write high quality soft, is really difficult! I also threw a few soft, but are to be returned to the. The soft rejection I usually send in the webmaster forum, although the effect is not as good as A5, but there is little effect! Remember at the proper position of the soft, add your own site keywords, if allowed, can add text Oh, so better


first established in mid December last year, now almost 3 months. Although the domain name is the old name, but I did not have too much expectations on the old domain, because the content of the website is still feel love Shanghai love place! So I still get down to the station, not too many Shanghai Longfeng optimization! Because I always believe that hard work and correct direction, will bring success.

My site is !

I in addition to the website content, but also on the web site of the chain extension part under a lot of effort! In my eyes, the quality of website content is to occupy the first place, outside chain is second! However, although the chain is second, but I never overissues every time I have the chain! Is the forum and blog. Every day I will stick to the hair of the chain, so every day, never stop! The chain released every day each forum is relatively small, the hair didn’t work, a little bit accumulation effect is still there! But sometimes forums outside the chain, also has a look at the quality of the reply to a reply webmaster! The post exchange


third: soft Wen promotion


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second: the chain extension of