The Shanghai dragon from three angle to analyze the value of a website

is a high quality website in addition to visitors need information also needs the ability to let visitors want to quickly find the information, which will give you the target audience to leave a good first impression. Man is an animal visual, for those with their own visual sense things will be more attention. So I think in the analysis of the value of a site, we can from the whole organization’s website and layout analysis. We can also say, for example, there are two similar content >

from the overall layout of the site

: a

two: the analysis of site value of


from the quality of the web site of the chainThe

said how to assess the value of the site, some people think that it is very simple, there are many websites can not measure the value of a site. There are many such websites online website value measurement. But in the author’s view of this website is to measure the value of your site with a fixed algorithm, and are analyzed from the statistical data, it is difficult to convince people. Then we have what more accurate method? In fact, the value of a site assessment may be from many aspects. Then the author will discuss how to today from Shanghai Longfeng aspects of website value analysis briefly share her own points.

then why is the content of the site can be used to analyze the value of the site? The reason is actually very simple, if your website can give your audience a they want valuable content, so the audience will naturally most willing to stay at your site, and it has some value the contents can make our target audience share promotion through their social network. So now some website buyers in the purchase of the site love look at the content of the website, to analyze the value of the website. Therefore I believe that a web site analysis of the value from the perspective of optimization, the site itself is a very important index. For those who blindly only collection content of the site, the site’s value is the lowest.

chain for the value of a website than every webmaster all know, especially when your site when competitors are not comparable, one told the quality the chain could make your site a tiger with wings added. So for a web site, through the analysis of the value chain site? The author thinks that the high quality of the chain than a lot of garbage outside the chain to more value. For the evaluation of that is the chain will be very complex, we can give an example, if your site has tens of thousands of the chain, but your site’s ranking is second pages, and keywords ranking is low, so we can simply say the chain quality you really poor. At the same time we can also know the value of your web site is very low.

analysis of site value from the content of the site quality

three: the analysis of site value of