Webmaster to please love Shanghai should avoid the optimization method

, a website title and format often changes

.The construction of

four, pseudo original and reproduced content over

two, keyword density is too large and there is no related web content keywords

in the domestic search engine, love Shanghai or an absolute dominant position, you are trying to please each search engine, especially love Shanghai, various search engines also have their own preferences, in order to improve the keywords in the search engine rankings, and deceive the search engine behavior is very dangerous. Feng Qiang summed up to please love Shanghai search engine optimization method should be avoided.

three, a large number of external links pointing to the same

after a long practice of the research on search engine and the webmaster of the conclusion, the website keyword density control is the most reasonable in 2%~8%, is also the search engine the most acceptable, keyword density is not the bigger the better, is the best natural, not in the website to deliberately increase the goods to reduce keyword density, some irrelevant keywords and web content the words over stack and page, is the love of Shanghai search engine to determine the conditions of cheating, so to control the keyword density and position, can let users naturally read articles and websites will achieve the purpose of optimization, search engine will also love.

for the new station, the weight of the website is not high, the site title and format changes frequently, users will experience decreased, love Shanghai search engine will think your site is a new station, then love Shanghai also need to know your site, you also need to re audit and verification, will fall right a period of time will slowly be love Shanghai recognized a constantly changing and the problem is not the user willing to visit the site. Often change the title will make the site fall in love in Shanghai trust, so that the site is down right, if often change the title will make love Shanghai think your site cheating, there is a possibility of K station.

external links is need skills, new and old station should be treated differently in the chain construction, the construction of new sites in the early because the weight is not high, the chain is also not too much, to gradually build. In the eyes of the search engine, a new station is not likely to get a lot of external links in a short period of time, until the site after the stable, the number and frequency of external links per day also try to be consistent. There are quality Links also need to constantly check, when there are problems Links should be promptly removed, so as not to compromise drop right even K station.

pseudo original and reproduced content is not conducive to the weights of the website promotion, then love Shanghai in the end what the spider love? In fact, love Shanghai was like a spider – which is not love, love to change something new habits. So when we update the site, you can not just to copy someone else’s article, like spider.