The site needs to be adjusted according to the user changes

we can often see in a small industry suddenly can blaze a new ranking up, perhaps than before the old station ranking should, in the chain and included, PR, the site of these hard targets can not be compared when the old station actually can be more than the old station in the rankings. Sometimes often puzzling. In fact, the reason is very simple, I have seen some of these cases, a large extent is won in the above correlation. Change the old station never, though you might previous correlations can also be done, but today the environment has changed, your site is still not with the changes and make adjustments, so your site’s theme from the correlation with the industry more and more far, while others take all these factors into consideration when making station. People in the rankings when nature will beat you, the chain included, these are very important, but the correlation is more important than these.

as the saying goes, the only constant in the world is "change", that is to say in the world no one industry is the same, Shanghai dragon industry is more such, change quickly. So we need to grasp the latest dynamic changes in the industry. Adjusted according to changes in the industry, if you do not understand the latest developments in the industry, then go there a warm boiled frog, die imperceptibly. Die not clear more depressed, so the author puts forward a new point of view, the website according to the user’s needs change and to make corresponding adjustments to our website according to the user’s changes and make timely adjustments to the user attention to the latest trends, and provide good service.

Here you may

believe that we hear these, know the website needs to be adjusted according to the external change, but do not know how to observe the external changes. In fact, this is also very simple, we only need to determine a trend line, but this trend as long as the relevant search from several search engines and the drop-down box can see, these keywords are recorded, and then go to see what the index is high, the higher index of the more natural the higher correlation is. That is the most attention of users. So we’re going to add the most relevant information according to our users are most concerned about the theme of the site, so to let our website with the user’s habits go, as long as we continue to focus on.

or for this concept is a bit confusing, here to give you an example of it, believe there may be hundreds of index three or four years ago in search of Shanghai Longfeng people at that time, the industry is still very new, it is not very mature, this time you observe the relevant search and search engine droplist, believe that even when the drop-down box are not related to search did not appear related to Shanghai dragon words. But today the situation has changed dramatically, the index has soared thousands of tens of thousands, the drop-down box and relevant search have been packed. While these so-called drop-down box and relevant search is the user is most concerned about, if your site can not provide most of these users are most concerned about the information, then your website ranking is likely to continue to decline.