Ali’s mom pays for the default billboardAdsense new publishers should pay attention to

Q., there are some annoying ads on my website. How can I stop some ads from appearing on my website?

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A. if you add the code to the site 48 hours later, what you see is still a public service ad or an ad that is not relevant to your website content. There may be a variety of reasons. About

Q. can I put my ad on my multiple site,

      thank you all webmaster trust Ali mother, and Ali mother grow together. We believe that the site of the Department of advertising, on the one hand to help Adsense sales advertising, on the other hand is also a propaganda for Ali mother. In order to thank you for your trust, we decided to use your mother’s default ad in your ad slot, and Ali’s mom will pay for the ad!

A. displays ads on your website, mostly CPC, and when a visitor hits an advertisement, you get revenue.

The ad on the

A., if you find ads you don’t want to show, don’t worry. You can use the "competitive ad filter" to stop these ads from appearing on your website, the Adsense filtering guide, www.shlf1314/adsense_newpub1/urlfilter.

similarly, you can also remove the code from any site, including the first URL you filled out when you applied for Adsense.

, as a new AdSense publisher, has a lot of information you need to know, and it focuses on some of the novice’s most important concerns.

      Ali mother thank all of us grow up with the webmaster, let us join hands to work together to build a good network advertising trading platform and efforts!

Q., please tell me, how did I get involved in the Adsense program?


A. when your income reached $100, without reservation payment, shlf1314 will pay you at the end of the month next month by cheque or Western Union way.


      3., the click to arrive is still your Ali mom on the "advertising details" page.

      immediately sign up for Ali’s mom to sell your ad site!

      4., the rule to determine effective hits is consistent with the "click charging" method.

Q. website is not related to the content of my website. What should I do?


A. certainly! You can add your ad code to any of your sites, and of course, these sites must comply with the shlf1314 Adsense plan, policies and terms. Also, adding ad code to any of your new sites does not require shlf1314 approval.

shlf1314 Adsense team recently sent a new publisher note to the newly registered successful publisher. I read the mail and thought about the fact that I had just signed up for Adsense, and I felt it was really something new publishers should know.

is well-known, shlf1314 Web pages, mail has always been "American Chinese", read very difficult. I use my own language to translate this email into a standard Chinese standard for easy access to the adsense.

      2., from September 30th zero, in your ad no selling period, using the Ali mother’s default billboard, Ali mom will pay for the ad from the click!

      1., all successful deployment Ali mom advertising code, and members through the review will automatically enjoy this feature.

Q. get the payment?

below is the text:

please note that clicking on your ads or asking others to do so is a serious infraction.