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‘s current first generation Pixel uses Qualcomm’s SoC. Most of the world’s smart phone OEM manufacturers have adopted Qualcomm products, flagship mobile phone is almost identical Qualcomm processor. Designing a custom silicon chip is an expensive and time-consuming process, so most manufacturers rely on purchasing chips from professional chip companies. But the new licensing and development options from ARM have made it possible for smaller companies with dreams of their own chips to have a dream come true. ARM is a British semiconductor design and software company, ARM’s own production processor, mainly provides IP authorization to semiconductor partners Qualcomm, apple, AMD and Samsung, which uses ARM architecture, design and development tools introduced each processor, then supply to OEM manufacturers or for personal use.

recent example is that millet purchased the ARM authorization, the design and development of the Surge S1 chip, and assembled in the millet 5C mobile phones. LG can be renewed through the same collaboration model. Alternatively, ARM provides Built on ARM Cortex Technology authorization for its partners, allowing the latter to be in the ready design side


Bloom, aged 40, has 9 years of marketing experience, first for American Express American Expr>

, traditionally known as the software company, shlf1314 has recently been making news on hardware. It has long been rumored that shlf1314 hopes to implement a tough stance on hardware to solve the fragmentation of Android mobile phones, while promoting the popularity of new system functions. At present, shlf1314 has been in the production of rockchip Chromebook laptops to tighten the hardware specifications of Chromebook, may do the same in the future Android equipment. With regard to the shape of future mobile devices, shlf1314 has a vision of its own, and independent hardware seems to be the only way to achieve this vision.

Ad was named "best advertisement of the day" after hours of advertising on the line. Since then, praise has been heard in Week. "Huffington Post" Huffington post said that this is "the best sanitary cotton advertisement in the history of the world."". The ad is "amazing," "very funny" and "flawless," the Buzzfeed website says". As for the above questions, you should judge for yourself.

says the goal of Hello Flo is to eliminate the boredom, embarrassment and uncertainty of the period. She wrote on the company’s website: "one day, I hurried to the drugstore again at lunch time to buy sanitary napkins.". At this point, I felt I had to find a better way to manage my circadian cycle. I don’t want to mention almost transparent, filled with health cotton plastic bags through the office; when I arrive the physiological cycle, I don’t want to be taken by surprise; RE below I sink has three pack half tampons and pads, I don’t want to add a package."

what kind of chip?

this ad also makes sanitary cotton monthly order service, Hello Flo’s virtual cash register keeps ringing. The service, launched in March this year, has been mentioned several times in the tech blogosphere, but has rarely been mentioned elsewhere. "It took me only an hour to do what I needed to do for a month."." Hello Flo founder · Bloom Naama Bloom NAMA said.

Hello Flo model is not new. The model was pioneered by the cosmetics trial service Birchbox and the razor delivery service DollarShaveClub, and the two are now examples of success in e-commerce. Hello Flo ordered users to pay $14 to $18 a month for a thoughtful box with free gifts such as tampons, napkins, pads and candy. The service ensures delivery times are consistent with women’s physiological cycles.


June 19th news according to foreign media reports, shlf1314 AndroidAuthority recently hired Apple Engineer Manu · Manu Gulati; goodlatte served as shlf1314’s chief architect SoC, leading R & D processor hardware. Gu Maserati has at least 15 patents related to chip design, has led the design of apple A chip series. Recruitment seems to suggest that shlf1314 intends to use its home – designed SoC in future Pixel handsets.

generally speaking, when the amount of viewing of an YouTube video reaches 4 million times in 4 days, you may have reasons to think it relates to Justin · Justin Bieber. But Hello Flo’s first advertising is not the case. This is called "The Camp Gyno" advertising creative, slightly subversive, in the aspects of viral marketing success. The advertising actress is not Bibb, but a precocious girl, her roommate and several sanitary napkins.

when the "son" series of mobile phone from Nexus cheap PFP transition to Pixel high-end flagship, means that shlf1314 began to directly compete with apple and Samsung in the high-end market, while the latter two were in its flagship mobile phone using independent processor. For shlf1314 to catch up from behind in terms of using mobile SoC independent design not only helps to consolidate the brand status, can also promote the promotion of shlf1314 mobile hardware leader ranks.