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single page is the biggest advantage of single-minded, only to do some kind of product, do fine. Moreover, the target customer group is clear, the flow rate of conversion is high. Of course, there are some technical things here, that is, how fast single page ranking?.

well, nature is to quickly let friends know ah, so all the people come to visit the lost to all sense of shame, a friend gave me a message to let me a deep impression, "you stand well, a look that is actually a new station, advertising did not open a pure breath blowing come". Combined with other opinions, I came to the conclusion that whether a website has ads or not, the amount and quality of advertising is in part a proof of the value of the site.

4, must have the executive power, absolute execution.

profiteering products: can be Taobao, but also their agent

SE0: simple and direct keywords, high-quality outside the chain, the original article

of course, I did not go directly to apply, I want to also have to do a good job of their station, a little more people, the probability of success will be higher. I’ve always been scuba diving in these forums, and men are pushing themselves too far. The first step, grace first changed the signature to the website’s LOGO and address, and then properly add some instructions and propaganda language here is a simple sentence, but it is difficult to do, written well, others do not bird you. and then start the positive replies, after all, a reply signature advertising appeared once ah. Probably because I’m mixing a few forums with high popularity. At the beginning, many people signed my name

of course, the road did not go through, after all the difficulties and their ability to work behind closed doors co.. Just to see a friend gave me his website, I feel very beautiful, he will teach me to do, he looked at me with eyes rather baffling: you actually want to write a stand out? "He then told me about, there are many online stations provide specialized templates, you down slightly what can be used to change. Hey, the first step in my eyes to actually so simple to solve.

1, do not indulge in research technology itself: do not know things, find someone to help you solve. For example: will not build, give dozens of dollars to help you do, must be better than yourself, more professional.

we can refer to this how to quickly build high-quality single page:

Gold Edition:, uid=85& aid=18& linkuid=

General Edition:, uid=85& aid=14& linkuid=

holds 3 points for SEO:

find a template in a friend’s website, buy a domain name I use a variety of software for a long time to find the sengse compared with the homonym sensual domain name to buy a space, for the record, hey, sensual video network, a long elusive dream had become a reality. Really so simple? The next change template, change the database, let me endure the whole two nights, ha ha, rookie, the action is naturally much slower.

I try to consult how to put ads, shlf1314 must build more than half a year to apply for SOSO game, to ALEXA ranking within 50W I specially the toolbar to see, I didn’t even stand ranking, and the game, sh419 that is not what the specific threshold. But listen to them to apply to it is difficult, but there are other small advertising although for as long as you can, but that does not prove that the loss of meaning? Consideration I decided to apply to join the sh419 alliance.

this product, probably to mother background check, to see what kind of product commission rate high, large volume, more popular is: weight loss, breast enhancement, freckle, but these products to promote more people, fierce competition, so the choice must be careful, otherwise your site keywords don’t choose to do on the ranking is difficult, so you need to find some good profit, but also has a certain amount of search goods. Of course, have their own agents of the best goods, or other sources of your goods, in short, find profiteering products.

now talk about Taobao’s latest money making model: windfall products + single page +SEO optimization,

here to give you a hint, you go to sh419, shlf1314 to search some of the current hot goods to see, almost all single page, and the transaction is good, 2000-3000 easy.

has long wanted to own a website, but because their information is blocked, my site steps is actually from the self HTML, CSS, download a Dreamweaver after the beginning of hope second days will be able to produce a beautiful website.

single page: the product is simple, quick, easy to maintain,

first gives the novice some advice, though I’m also a newbie:

2, must have a specific direction: dedicated research, a corner of the network, do the single-minded, must make money.

3, to understand the investment: the newcomer is not willing to invest, do not believe other tutorials and training, to invest in their knowledge and technology, always expect out their own research results, but the results are always playing tricks on him. It can be said that no investment Taobao customers, you never want to make a lot of money.