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profile. You and the shlf1314 Corporation hereinafter referred to as " shlf1314 " this Agreement hereinafter referred to as the " protocol; " shlf1314 include the following online advertising alliance program hereinafter referred to as " " standard terms hereinafter referred to as the " clause; ". The FAQ plan hereinafter referred to as " " FAQ; general description of Web site to find shlf1314 plans to offer, the address is https://s.shlf1314/adsense/faq, similar to other sites can also provide from time to time in shlf1314’s plan to find the. Your " or " " " release; refers to the entity designated by an entity or submit the related registration form, any organization or network and / or on behalf of the business entity, and these institutions or by the same network constraints in terms of this agreement.

our group has been growing, the strength can not be underestimated, but after all, belong to the grassroots people, profit is always has been a problem to discuss, I get a novel movie station, Q station, SNS, BBS, blog, and so on, contact with sh419, Ali’s mother, shlf1314, achievements, et, palm show, including CPC CPS, CPA alliance, and several forms of advertising popups. To tell the truth, the site traffic is not large, earn almost enough money to buy packs of cigarettes, eat a meal.

below want to say web game profit, not to say you join will make money, but feel is a new model. As you all know, the development of web games space, in 2007, 2 million 500 thousand of web game users, iResearch is expected to 2008 to 9 million, from 2010 to 20 million or so. The game has been profiteering industry, think of the grand rise. In a variety of game users not recharge cards. But ordinary webmaster can not develop web games, and through web game profit. It is reported that the mobile network is currently developing a set of forum plug-ins, plug-in games will be integrated into the forum, to achieve interoperability. And and Adsense into game income, assist Adsense through web game profit. Dvbbs, DZ, phpwind can be installed directly plug-in, common website can also be achieved through CNAME analysis of online game site functionality.

Before registering with the shlf1314 advertising coalition online program, be sure to read these terms very carefully and answer frequently asked questions from

. Participation in the shlf1314 advertising alliance online program means that you accept these terms. If you do not accept these terms, please do not register or participate in the shlf1314 advertising alliance online program.

CNNIC according to statistics, currently there are about 450 thousand individual owners, about 1 million 500 thousand of the personal website, covering more than 5 billion page views and more than 80 million domestic Internet user groups, has become a force that can not be ignored.

this model is emerging, it is understood that some other domestic game operations platform and forum development companies are planning a similar joint operation model, the use of a strong group of Adsense publicity their products. I put forward this topic to arouse everybody’s attention and the ponder. In the future, there will be more services and products designed for our webmaster. Webmaster will become the Internet development can not ignore the source of power.


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