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in wheat geeks team after three years of development, through the power supply topology design more reasonable, and adjust the parameters for the high power, and with the electronic components, the transmission power of the wireless charging solutions increase. When the reception efficiency is 70% of the industry average, the maximum receiving power can reach 15W, which is 3 times of the QI standard. Increasing the power of the receiver will directly bring two advantages – charging faster and charging multiple products, Yang Baijie said.

Abstract: with regard to the future of live broadcast, Feng Yousheng believes that live broadcast can be combined with sports, music people, electricity providers, variety, VR, customer service, social networking, and all the forms you can think of. "Micro-blog and WeChat are social platforms in the past few years, and I hope they will be the third generation of social networking platforms," he said. "

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in fact, the market has a large number of integrated wireless charging function of mobile phones and other consumer electronics products. They are basically wirelessly charged based on the magnetic induction principle, and comply with the wireless charging Union WPC jointly formulated magnetic induction wireless charging standard Qi.

second, to avoid the broadcast is vulgar;

third, at the user experience level, our product requirements are minimal, high speed and clean page requirements.


live in the future, Archilife mentioned, can live and charity, sports, corporate image, music, electricity, radio and television, arts, culture, art, VR, customer service, social…… everything you can think of the combination. "Micro-blog and WeChat are social platforms in the past few years, and I hope they will be the third generation of social networking platforms," he said. "

in the third quarter of the year for fruit powder, means that there will be a new machine released. Although iPhone8 is not listed, it has gained high expectation and attention, and the speculation of product form and function has also been bubbling. Among them, iPhone8 is likely to integrate wireless charging module messages, so that many wireless charging program operators are very excited.

, a wheat geek, also produces and sells a range of wireless charging consumer electronics based on magnetic induction. The transmitter is mainly a universal wireless charging and emission base, and the receiving end products include mobile phone charging plug-in, Airpods earphone, wireless charging cover, cup and humidifier.

second, live broadcast from the very first day in very strict supervision, because the broadcast itself is risky, we hope that it does not become vulgar, vulgar zero tolerance.


I’m not popular, I’m "black", people are more black.

below is the full text of the speech delivered to you without my own approval,:

third, the user experience is better, the product requirements is minimal.

Figure 1 Wheat geek wireless products

fourth, is the entire ecological change, began to achieve the entire ecological closed loop. In fact, it’s kind of like Uber’s sharing economy. It shares cars and people, and I share knowledge and value. Those with knowledge can do the live broadcast, and there will be a good income.

wheat geeks is also full of a iPhone, and its wireless charging scheme can be about 30 minutes faster than a wired charging solution. In addition, due to the increase in power, rechargeable products are not limited to mobile phones and other low-power electronic products. Yang Baijie says they are also developing wireless charging systems for laptops

wheat geek CEO Yang Baijie told 36 krypton, although their existing products are not compatible with the QI standard, but they already have R & D compatible QI standards of magnetic induction wireless charging program technical strength. Then, when Apple launches wireless charging phones, the QI technology experience will help them to be more compatible with Apple’s wireless charging standards. In addition, compared to the existing QI magnetic induction wireless charging program on the market, wheat geeks in the following three aspects of the program and product improvements.


first, let visitors live in mainstream life;

people, red is not many, in fact, I do not want to be so red, but also want to lower the

is the first to let live into mainstream life. The original live on the edge, I hope to reflect the guests for high-end brands, from the first day we started to think how to start the user, the user is actually a seed city there, including overseas students as the core group of seed user groups.


reflects CEO, who believes that the reason why the guest is so angry is that:


there’s a lot of air, but I want to give you all today

first of all, wheat geeks on the transmitter and receiver components of the internal part of the adjustment and optimization, expanding the charging area. Because magnetic induction wireless charging scheme is widely criticized by users, it is necessary to accurately transmit the transmitter and receiver in a small area. Once the alignment is not accurate, the charging efficiency is low and even cannot be charged. Yang Baijie told 36 krypton, this technology design, mainly in order to enhance the user’s sense of use experience.


has done a year, and this year there are a lot of controversies. People are red and right. In fact, I don’t want to be so red. I prefer to keep a low profile. This year reflects the customer in the industry tuyere stage, I think a lot of people will have questions, what did the guest do to become today,

fourth is the closed loop to realize the whole ecology.

what did the guest do this year? In fact, the live broadcast has been in existence since the PC. What should I do when I’m doing the mobile terminal?