Knowing that the 100 million financing of the D round will be announced where will his tide beSing

knows the 2016 star product – known Live, since its launch in May 14, 2016, has been held more than 1500 games, 737 speakers when the average salary reached 10980 yuan, a single largest number in 120 thousand, while the single game Live know almost the highest income reached 190 thousand yuan.

, the cornerstone of survival, the real question and answer and sharing of users, a large number of original and high-quality content, has also become the preferred choice for many people to take the initiative to obtain high-quality information.

over the past year has repeatedly triggered social hot spots, commercial operations, and frequent action, almost a year and a half to usher in a new round of financing.

36 krypton was informed that informed about the current round of financing negotiations from the end of 10 last year, in a week on the signing of the SPA, and the money to finance in December 8th has been credited.

today, as a singing CEO, as a serial entrepreneur, Chen Hua wants to be the first in the industry, or nothing. As for the answer, he wanted to give it to sing tomorrow.

catch up from behind the dividend, grab enough time, no matter what they will do in the future, will be regarded as capital scarce resources

knows that it’s a platform to kill user time efficiently.

suddenly felt a lot of things out of control. I >


peak, cool news team a total of 200 members, opened the train tickets, air tickets, hotels, travel guide, vacation, car, recruitment channel, ambition is to become a comprehensive search site, became the second sh419. When the economic crisis began in 2008, investors suddenly demanded a big more than 100 redundancies.

distance that the whole nation was the summer Red Carnival, only in the past three months, but it made him think of these contrast more lonely — from CEO to Beijing by the board of directors overhead, like yesterday. In the dark green and golden red echoes, he and the cruel dispatch net partner Wu Shichun walked the whole day care.

2007, cruel dispatch net developed after make snap, wide talent and a large number of on-line channels, embarked on a fast track. Is going on the occasion, but a loud shouting, stop. Just like riding a roller coaster, a year later, down from a peak of cruel dispatch.

sing, CEO, Chen Hua,

, such as Chen Hua’s continuous entrepreneurs, the first business failure of the script, is always staged. What’s more, the story background – the economic crisis and the cold winter of capital – is often the instigator. In the entrepreneurial process lumpy, affecting individuals eventually escape the environment and influence. The difference is, how to face the failure and stand on top again.

over the past year, knowledge has expanded the connection of knowledge from different dimensions. On the one hand, the introduction of topic index, know the bookstore and other structured content products. On the other hand, they have introduced the "knowledge market" service to help users connect to people who can not connect with the sphere of daily life, and create a direct income for knowledge workers.

In the wave of mobile

don’t grasp at the sub market outlet, intensive and meticulous farming grasp the needs of users of the product, well, on the basis of growing. This is Xu Xin’s judgment of knowledge. The founder week almost know the source said in an internal letter this morning, in recent years, the rapid growth of the knowledge steadily, because we have quality content and users in the development of the first, rather than simply the pursuit of quantity and flow.

In the past

in January 12th, or disclosed to 36 krypton, has completed D $100 million round of financing, the investor is today the capital, the original board of shareholders include Tencent, Sogou, Saif, Qiming, innovation works, all with the vote, according to the disclosure after the completion of financing innovation works, knowledge of the valuation has more than 1 billion dollars.

2008 winter, when CEO Chen Hua of cruel dispatch net against the north wind, walk in the new park in olson. The wind leaves Xiao Xiao, when he walked, and issued a rustling sound, a gust of wind, he wrapped in a coat, and this winter seems particularly cold and bleak, lotus leaf residue, reed ring.

shocked, puzzled and frustrated, when Chen Hua and partner Wu Shichun lack experience, the proportion of equity is not large, but there is no way at all. In a work late at night, they went into the decadence of Wudaokou in a cafe, constantly chewing the bitter coffee, also can not say a word.

his 65 million note

this is Chen Hua want to remember the past, every time he talks about why he left kuxun, a few words with understatement, repeated and investors disagree, business does not make money so leave. However, behind this, in fact, there are unknown sad.

over the years, although the time that the memories have gradually blurred, but as his heart pain. The pain made him to hold capital rational but restrained attitude, alert to potential competitors, the strong desire for success, which also contributed to his anxiety today.

before this round of financing, if in a sentence to express people’s expectations about the word, that is, "know what he means, but do not know what he can do."".

round of capital – today the capital founding partner Xu Xin, previously a NetEase, the Jingdong and the new large and a number of well-known enterprises, the investment intentions known profound, she said, "to observe the known has lasted for more than a year, when the C wheel is sorry to miss this chance, until finally came in very excited."