Selling websites is actually very simplet’s only 3 months from valuation 1 billion to closing Trad

but in 2014, when all kinds of carpooling software emerged, Wang Yong moved. Because of keen public interest, Wang Yong has been paying close attention to and promote the development of public welfare undertakings ride, when he saw the commercial version of the ride so popular on the market when they decided to roll up their own stem.

micro carpool, after spending about 40000000 yuan, completely failed.

in addition, please do not when I was a beggar, do not think that relied on a few money with black boss like I say, I’m not understand this, if you are, please don’t come, I won’t lose for a mere 2200 yuan of money and dignity! the webmaster you can write some similar words in the post, so as to reflect your spirit, and let the buyers better pay attention to you, they will give you the impression of a relatively high score, you feel good, of course, will be more smooth transactions

October 2014, slightly carpooling, only about 30 employees, Wang Yong’s idea is also very simple, the company account has 4 million first use, go step by step.

Netcom movie website website name

design, brand Chinese enterprises, twenty years in the field of design, he muffled money, never thought I would and Internet business relations.

entrepreneurship has inspired many people, the winter capital douse a part of people’s hope. A deep feeling for both is the founder of a slightly carpooling Wang Yong. His project to catch up with the venture the best time, just a few months after the product has been in hot pursuit of investors, some even on the valuation of 1 billion; his project is to catch up with business the worst of times, not long before the situation is not suitable for financing a sudden turn for the worse, eventually fell to the capital of winter.


of course, the madness didn’t last long.

story back in October 2014, slightly carpooling, less than 30 employees, less than 4 million of the company’s account funds. But with Wang Yong in the field of ride appeal, and the country resources cooperation, slightly carpool in multiple city quickly open the market.

valuation from 80 million to 1 billion, the traditional entrepreneurs successfully fought in the Internet

PR=1, the site has been filed, using the 57OO acquisition version of the program, the background function is not very full, so there are many things I edited directly through the web software, ha ha. sh419 included from page 1000, up to more than 10 thousand pages, from 10 thousand pages directly up to 50 thousand pages, and then gradually rose to 130000, with no previous settings page in the META tag, so that the flow has been relatively small, just a few days before the META tag, after sh419 update a few a 100 page flow is gradually increased, from 800 up to about 1300. history, a brief introduction of the website of course, introduce more positive content

capital ensued. In December 2014, the first to get slightly carpool investment 4 million yuan, the investment side called the new dream, "

"we don’t really need the money supply subsidies to people," Wang Yong said, "the subsidy is a kind of self injurious behavior, the short term looks a bit of prosperity, but in fact did not develop any user loyalty. Instead, a large number of professional brush scalping, in our background, brush ratio of at least 30%."

At present, Wang Yong is the founder of the

younger brother is 15 years old this year, net age also has six or seven years, two years ago fell in love with the website, ww>

of course, through the failure of slightly carpool is always a problem is: Wang Yong thought that he is not a qualified entrepreneur, he slightly carpool failed 80% of all the responsibility on himself, "when the company is busy, I once lost myself."

analysis in parentheses:

flow 1200IP+, 10000PV+. March April income 300 yuan, income of 400 yuan, I do a lot of advertising, including GG, 7clink exchange chain, Ali mother, sold 2200 yuan. Master all know, for a gradually profitable website, the price is not high. Because I’m not as some station upstart like website, flow rapidly from 0 rose to more than 1000, I was from every day dozens of IP, a little bit longer up. That is to say, I this station can have a stable income. We can count, a few months can earn this. Of course, the price can be negotiated. As long as you have to convince my reasons. others received your website is to what? Of course is to make money! The world, survival is the most important. It seems a bit paoti, oh. I just want to make it clear that if you let people know what your potential is, and how much he can earn after you buy it,

say a little bit every day, sh419 will update my web site, GG included nearly 10000 pages. The weight of the external links are very high, if there are several PR3 and PR4, such as 7139, the PR is 4, his home only two links, one of which is my. The other is also included in the sh419 page more, update fast. the chain, search engine included in the importance of needless to say more than I do

in the most crazy time, slightly carpool day off about 1000000 yuan subsidy, but later proved even more 30% of them are scalping took place; branch to go to the headquarters of hundreds of millions of promotion fee, but only bring 1000 or hundreds of new users; general staff wages, learn the culture of Silicon Valley, every month the fruit yogurt have to spend tens of thousands of money.