About PN code can not receive shlf1314 method to withdraw moneyShare the bike platform please slo

at the beginning of August I managed to apply to the shlf1314 advertising account, happily hung up the GG code, after nearly 20 days of hard cut 583.39 knives, after I put all the ads shlf1314 are torn down, so I received the money and then hang up pin mainly my hang GG advertising. There are suspected to induce users to click! Or get the money to say www.yan369.cn

Haikou: July 18th, Haikou city administrative departments jointly interviewed on Haikou City three operators, ofo bike sharing v-mobile and fast in rabbit, "Haikou city to support and encourage the sharing of a number of opinions" the healthy development of the bicycle is not promulgated, shall not increase the investment volume of bike sharing.

then from mid August I began my journey for pin code, I waited until September did not low! What’s wrong with you?, my GG address had received a pin code, really helpless, I think it may be mailed out what problem it so! I re issued once again until the October low no pin code, I completely depressed

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in fact, the relevant departments for the sharing economy is always held in recognition of the attitude, but also give a lot of support related enterprises in the policy acquiescence, which also makes a lot of entrepreneurial projects to be crazy growth. But support does not mean indulgence, crazy growth after the sharing of bike enterprises, but also at this stage ushered in a severe regulatory means.

second days, I send mail to me GG customer service inquiry:

thank you for your letter. Because the PIN code message from the US by ordinary mail, relying on the postal system of multinational, will inevitably lead to the loss of mail. Since you haven’t been able to receive the PIN code we sent you for a long time, in order to speed up your PIN code authentication process, we provide you with two solutions:

, Nanning: in June 24th, the relevant departments of Nanning municipality held a meeting on strengthening the sharing of bicycle management. It pointed out that enterprises would be eliminated from the regulation of sharing bike management. Some of the major roads are not allowed to be put on shared bicycles. If a citizen rides a bicycle to stop, the enterprise administrator should move in time.

Hello, my pin number has been issued two times, but I still can not receive the pin code. Is there anything else I can do to confirm the validity of my address? My ad ID is: *******

refused to barbaric growth, strict control measures have been introduced

no ride, no car, no limit…… A series of reports with the bicycle market share soaring gradually appear in the public eye. Bicycle sharing chaos, improper use of the user, but the platform in the barbaric growth process also exists many Difficult miscellaneous diseases.

these materials will only be used to confirm your address and will not disclose this information to any third party organization. After that, we will help you manually verify through the PIN code.

customer service MM efficiency is still high, second days I received a reply:

Shanghai: March 14th, the Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission interviewed 6 v-mobile and ofo shared bicycle enterprises currently invested a total of about 450 thousand vehicles, taking into account the city center parking capacity is saturated, demand now suspended.

, Hangzhou: in July 10th, the Hangzhou Urban Management Committee held administrative interviews with 9 local bicycle companies operating locally. By you, v-mobile, hellobike, ofo, Yongan, cool bike, and Xiaoming 8 business representatives attended worship. Urban Management Committee said that the city management system for disorderly delivery, disorderly parking of 23 thousand bicycles, taken away from custody measures. At the same time, in Hangzhou before the relevant regulations were not introduced, new Internet leasing bicycles are not allowed.



Chengdu: July 19th, Chengdu City Management Committee of city order relevant responsible person said, the bicycle parking chaos, not timely recovery of the issue of sharing, repeatedly do not listen to persuasion does not keep the credit cycle sharing enterprise, the next step will be prohibited from entering the market and put the number of restrictions.

1 restrictions on




Beijing: May 1st, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission Director Zhou Zhengyu said, the city encourages sharing cycling development, will carry on the control to the total number of bike sharing, but the specific by the district according to the travel needs to master, the bicycle enterprises will also by setting the electronic fence, regulate public parking..


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