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method, which is the key word of our article. The key words of nature into the article, so that readers in the article many times you can see the key words. What I want to emphasize here is that the frequency of the words I speak is high, and it doesn’t make everyone repeat it in the article. This view is wrong. If you do that, it will only dull the reader and not arouse their interest. The best solution is to use words that are similar to keywords.

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we are doing only one purpose – increase the frequency of the keywords, finally please indicate the golden Wangzhuan Forum:

in addition to outside links is our writing skills, an article we all see the same original article, why do some good, some ranking is not good? Why is there such a big gap? As the three I just talked about the title, we in the article how to write in order to get the best effect?

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

from the top three title we can see that they are long tailed, users generally found to buy this word when consciousness is very large, it is now placed in front of us how we should choose the three title, or there is no way to achieve an article three words for primary and secondary rank? Let us understand more clearly the writing skills, I want to talk to you to discuss how to achieve page ranking, achieve pages ranking is the same as that by constantly chain and chain to anchor.

There is only one

as a webmaster, I think everyone about the actual product of this article writing skills must have access to a lot of skill, maybe we have used their own practice, and has obtained very good results. Today, golden Wangzhuan think from the other angles to explain writing about it. As everyone knows, the product stand is to guide others to buy. So our writing also serves it. When a user sees an article, he asks, "where can I buy this product? When this product is right for me, this is a successful article.". But it’s not so easy to get this effect. There’s only one way to do that — writing more and looking at other people’s articles. Down, I would like to use network ranking point of view as a starting point to analyze the writing skills of such articles.

what brand is good,


mobile phone


as the saying goes, "a good title is half the battle.". The information on the network is multifarious, but the most important thing for the user in the information is the title of the search results. The so-called description is only an auxiliary role.

?Which brand is good for

, for example, let’s look at the following sentences:

which brand of mobile phones is good,